How to Market Your Website Using Social Media


So, you have a website – what now? You need to take it a little step further, i.e. you should promote it. A website is only as good as its promotion. If you really want it to stand out from others, it must attract attention.

There are tons of tiny sites that got lost somewhere in cyberspace. Simply reason, people do not know about them.  And, the reason they don’t, is because they don’t get high rankings on a prominent search engine like Google. Remember, your website is a golden ticket, 

1. Search engines and keywords

Without doubt, Google is the biggest search engine. It is the market leader. About 80% of all web traffic goes through Google. 

When doing a search on Google, you’ll often see that the keywords you typed in, it produces anything from a few hundred to a few million results. That’s a lot of web pages! However, the truth is that. in most cases, only the first 10 websites, which people regard as being relevant. 

If location is key, keywords are vital. Simply put it, search engines look for specific keywords on your website. For example, if you have a motor spares business, the search engine may search for the words “top motor spares”.

If the search engine finds these words on your website, it will list it under those search results. However, the position of these keywords on your website also plays a role.

If these words appear in your heading or in the first few paragraphs, then your website will obtain a higher ranking when the search engine displays its results.

Keywords, are therefore, a vital component, when it comes to Google search. Remember these search engine tips:

(1) Use the right keywords in the right place.

(2) Monitor the number of people who click on your website link in Google.

(3) Improve your keywords to obtain more clicks.

(4) Keep your web content fresh with new, popular products.

(5) Use an easy web address (URL) and regularly test your links

2. E-mail marketing with links

You could also consider using e-mail marketing to increase your website’s popularity. By placing a link to your website, you could attract large number of people. Furthermore, you could also compile an e-mail list and market to these people on a weekly basis. 

However, be careful that you don’t chase potential visitors away by sending them too many e-mails. There’re thousands of people using email marketing method. In order to use it, you must subscribe to They will help you setup a sign in form like the one you see on my site.

When people visit your site, find interesting information, they will eventually sign up in your list. That’s where you will regularly send them current information about you site. 

3. Social media

In addition, you could use social media to market your website. These days, everyone is active on one social media platform. Social media is always free and, in this way, you could obtain free marketing for your website.

You should regularly posts something in this network. At least you must posts two or three content information per week. Don’t feel bad if you don’t get enough responses from other users.

You must first build trust & reputation before people can follow you. Social media is a powerful marketing method and I definitely recommends that you try it out. 








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