How To Obtain True Wealth & Success In 2022

You can make 2022 a big year for your wealth creation and success by following steps

Determine where you are now

The first step to obtain true wealth and  success is to determine what’s your current state of your wealth. You must know precisely what your assets and liabilities are now as well as your income and expenses.

What you want to achieve

The second step that you must follow to obtain true wealth, is to know what you want to achieve. How big must your wealth and success be;

  • What does your dream house cost
  • Do you have your own business
  • How much profit does it generate
  • Do you have a day job
  • How much do you earn per month
  • How much capital do you need for a comfortable retirement
  • How quickly must you require that capital
  • Etc.
Do what’s necessary to build your wealth

The third step is to use right or correct method, at precisely the right time. You may be wandering what are those methods. Firstly you must create a blog/website. WordPress can assist you get started in no time.

By creating your blog/site, you’ll have started building a lifelong online business

Covid 19 pandemic opportunities

I may sound crazy, what opportunities were brought about this dreadful disease. In economic perspective, this phenomenon had terribly destroyed everything.

Consumer spending had been drastically reduced to only essential goods. Billions had been lost in travelling and entertainment industry alone.

This pandemic is starting to pack its things and its about to leave. Pre Covid 19, big business were running the show at expense of small entities. Now all must start at equal or similar level. That’s where individuals like me and you comes into the picture.

Your own business is a must

I had said in some of my post in this blog. I will say it again, you own business is a must these days. It doesn’t matter how small, fulltime/partime but the bottom line you need your own income generating entity.

Gone are the days where you only rely on monthly income. From economic perspective your monthly income only enables you to buy food, clothing, transport, school fees and other bills. 

What it does not provide is for you to invest, build wealth and other expensive items. In order to cover such shortfall, you need additional income. The only method that will take you there is to start your own business


Although you may have many method to create wealth and success this year, but I have explained some of the smaller tips you can apply to obtain wealth & success above

It may sound simple, but some people have adopted this approach even before 2022. It’s now your opportunity to start exploring money making opportunities this year. Some of the obstacles to get started is the initial capital. 

Don’t stress about it. Creating a blog/website online doesn’t cost much these days. Overtime you’ll overcome financial challenges.  The first step is to invest a very little amount. Be disciplined every money you set aside to build business must be jealously protected. 

In case you have poor investment record, ask someone  in your family to do it for you. Or start learning from experienced investors. Don’t look further, some of these investors may be in your family or your local community







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