Learn How To Pick A Niche That Suits Your Interest


This is the most talked about topic in the internet marketing industry. Questions like how to choose a profitable niche, How to find A right Niche for your website, How to develop a right niche for you.

What’s a niche in any way

A niche is that category of potential customers/buyers with common need for a specific product/services. People go online looking for something, something to improve their lives or needs. The internet has more than 2 billion people. The number of people searching for solutions for their needs are growing everyday.

Some are looking for soccer accessories, others looking for tank containers, others looking for baby winter clothes, others looking for caducci shirts/skippers. The list is endless. We call this market research. I will be lying to you that if I say all these you can build business on all of the niches

How to decide on a niche

Its very difficult for anyone to tell you as to which niche to choose or which one is profitable, which one is not. It all depends on you. What’s your interest, making money is not a interest, its a goal in life. Before you can make any penny, you need to find out what triggers your interest.

Choose your interest

We all grow up attracted to many things. When you were young you like motor cars, because your parents have one, but when you grew up, your interest changes, you become attracted to bicycles, because went to school riding one. Later you get attracted to computer gadgets, because you were use them daily at school.

It boils down to one thing, and one thing only, interest. I don’t want to lie to you that you can just go online and come up with a profitable niche. Firstly decide what interests you, you must honestly decide the most thing that capture  you interest.

What interests you most online

One of the fatal mistakes newbies make is to follow other people’s interests. People who get huge profit out of certain product/services. Do they interest you. Making a lot of money for sure is interesting. Every one of us is chasing money making dreams.

One of the winning formula for success is involving yourself with something you’re passionate about. Something that triggers you interest.

You don’t have to worry about your competitors or rather how many people selling niche products. As long as you have interest in that category of interest, you have accomplished one of the difficult milestone in business.

You have decided on a niche, what now

You now need to conduct a detailed research of your chosen niche. First question to ask, is where can you find niche product. This one is very simple. Go online type [your niche] + affiliate program. In their website footer, look for “affiliate program” or “partner program”

Create a website

Go to WordPress.org, and create a dummy blog/website. Then create content related to your niche. Stuff your site with all product related to your niche. The next step is to search for potential buyers. This exercise is a bit daunting task. If people don’t visit your niche site, don’t feel bad about it. You’re new person selling on this niche. Over time people will come, but they need to first build trust on you. Trust in what you’re offering them.

The product is not a problem, the problem lies with you. You don’t have a reputation yet, you must build one. People don’t buy from strangers. You may have a hot sell product, but if you don’t have a hot sell reputation, they won’t buy.






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