Learn How To Rank Your Site On Google & Other Search Engines

: EasyWordPress-Seo.com

Owner: Jason Oickle

Overall Rank: 2/5

For Who: Beginners

The Good:

This is a PLR video’s created by Jason. The purpose of this material is to teach newbies how to rank their sites on Google and other search engines. It’s earmarked for those who don’t have a clue to rank their sites to draw internet traffic.

It teaches new site owners on how to start driving traffic to WordPress sites immediately. It contains the following video’s;

  • Introduction and overview
  • What’s intent of a keyword
  • getting keywords and understanding LSI
  • On Page Optimization Basics
  • WordPress on On Page Optimization
  • Creating LSI Content
  • On Page Consistency via plugins
  • Authority Backlinks

This is a new launch product form JVZOO, available at its Product Market place.  If you purchase the product, you can immediately start listening and apply the Search Engine Optimization methods right away. 

The Bad

.Although search engine tactics are key to site ranking and position, but the method the owner provides on these video contents are not for newbies. The internet language he employs is somewhat difficult to understand by a person who is on newbie status.

The product price is too low compared to what is promised in these video’s. Another downside of the material is that, it contains PLR features. If the buyer has purchase it, he/she can further sell the material online.

The owner did not mention any money back guarantee. Although its price is reasonable but the SEO methods/techniques are very expensive. Although it was intended for newbie site owners, it can’t be so easily available at this price level.

The only owner’s intention by the product is to get more people to buy  and and further sell it to receive affiliate commission.

If the buyer purchase these video’s, he/she can waste no time but to sell it to others. PLR material are duplicate content by nature. This means that all buyers can simply resell it. You then have a situation where many people are selling one and the same item thousand times

Final thought

Purchasing and learning SEO courses about SEO is not a bad idea at all. It assist newbies to learn more about the subject. Video’s are most popular and effective method of learning online marketing strategies.

However not every learning material produce good learning outcomes. Some are made available for informational purposes, whereas others main objective is to enrich product owners.

Nonetheless,  Easy WordPress SEO videos  can assist anyone to get an idea on how to rank WordPress site consistently on Google and other search engines. You, as a newbie can learn some information in order to assist you position your site for high search engine ranking.







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