Learn How to Setup Online Store & Make Money


Website: Amazon Kindle Book

Owner: Jonathan Eldridge &  Robert Bustamante

Overall Rank: 4 out of 5

For Who: Beginners


Book Overview:

The Good:

The book is written by J. Eldridge &  R.  Bustamante. It contains step by step information on how to start online business, if you’re new on the internet. Its written in an easy to understand format on how to begin a online business journey.

There’re variety of topics covered in the book. Topics that other authors provide on monetary basis. It deals with topics like;

#What to sell

# Analyzing market for purpose to decide what to sell

#Setting goals and priorities

#Deciding on a business name

#How to register a domain

#Email marketing tips

#Searching traffic & analysis

#Directing traffic to business

#Using Adwords

#Creating backlinks for your site

#And so on

As a newcomer, you’ll benefit considerably if you buy because, you need to learn basic tools in order to get started the correct way, otherwise you will get lost because you will simply buy any irrelevant or advanced tools which you’re not trained use. The book is a simple guide to get basic information, before you embark on a long journey to internet success.

The Bad:

However, the book doesn’t cover many topics related to Affiliate marketing in general. Its just an information sharing guide to those who don’t understand the industry very well. It gives a background knowledge to “would be affiliate marketers” i.e., what it entails to start an online shop.

There’re also many of such books online, some are free, others cost more than the book purchase price itself.

Overall overview


As I have said before it’s for newbies, who’re unclear about  internet marketing terminologies. 

Its unclear whether, it has been continuously update to include current online topics. Nonetheless it contains important affiliate marketing startup information. It’s useful to those who’re still researching ways to setup business online.

However, internet marketing project comes with its own challenges. Acquiring basic background information is not a bad idea, but a step forward in learning how to create a business of your own. One of the biggest challenges is the competition among affiliates.

There’re billion sites about the subject. Other sites provide affiliate marketing training, others simply promote training video’s. I want to warn you, affiliate marketing is one of the easiest project to learn. But mastering the art of selling merchant’s products & convincing buyers to take action is mammoth task.

Those you have succeeded will never tell you. All what they will teach is to buy a so called “secret formula to make money”

The only secret formula to make money is to learn continuously, patience, dedication, hard working, as well as some budget to pay for marketing methods. Avoid applying free marketing method like purchasing traffic to your site. The only effective method to drive traffic to your site is YOU.

Never purchase a traffic generating product/software. It doesn’t work at all. What these methods do is to bring to your site SPAM traffic. By spam I mean fictitious traffic, something that purport to be genuine visitors.







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