How To Submit Articles To Article Directories/Websites


Product Name: Magic Submitter

Website: Magic

Owner: Alexander Krulik

Price: $4,95 trial version, $67/pm

For who: Article writers, online video/YouTube makers, social media marketers

The Good

The software was developed by Alexander Krulik,”Magic Submitter It’s promoted at Clickbank Marketplace. It costs $4,95 trial version and $67 monthly subscription. It was designed for article writers, video creators and other social media marketers.

The purpose of this system software is to assist marketers to submit articles, video’s and other material on social media to different networks.

It contains the following features,

  • Submitting content to over 2000 sites & other social media networks
  • Article directories
  • Video sites
  • Forum sites
  • PDF sites
  • WordPress Blogs
  • Social sites
  • Niche sites
  • ETC

The system enables marketers to submit, article as well as other content on many sites and social media. One of the most difficult challenges facing internet marketers is wider presence on the internet, The purpose is to reach as many web users as possible.

The system tries to address that biggest challenge facing internet marketers. Another benefit is that it creates large quantity of backlink to their sites.

In order to get as much web traffic as possible, your site must appear over a wide range of internet platforms. The only way to make that presence is through submitting content to as many places as possible. The system also has an affiliate program. Besides content submission, you can promote its affiliate program online. If people join the membership program, they receive commission thereof

The Bad

Buying article submission system or using such tools has never been a bad idea. It alleviates content creators huge workload of manually submitting their content online. However, submitting content  to different places rests squarely on content creators. Generating webtraffic is also the responsibility of creator himself or herself.

Let me ask you a question, what is the main purpose of submitting content online. The simple answer is to promote your products, make you product or services known to web users. Another reason is to invite visitors to visit your website and search for solutions to their problems.

Submitting content in bulk format has never been an effective method of marketing. This kind of method is similar to submitting your ad to million sites. The outcome of such method is zero traffic or junk traffic. Any site that is flooded with junk traffic and spam, runs a risk of being punished by search engines.

Search engines love their customers. Thus they work very hard to protect the integrity of their customers & sites. Bulk content submission is classified as web robot. Many sites have installed robot txt files to block such activity.

Final thought

If you want to purchase magic submitter system or any other bulk submission software, you need to be careful. If have you purchased any of them, you must just use them to promote their affiliate program, in that way when people buy, you’ll receive affiliate commission thereof.

Never dream of generating quality traffic to your site with them. By quality traffic I mean visitors, when landing in your site become potential buyers. For more information about how to submit articles to article directories & sites, visit my site.





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