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Website: Article Submitter

Owner: Brad Callen

Cost: $167

For Who: Article Writers

The good

If you are full – time article writer, and you have skills to write articles regularly or have articles written and kept in your computer. You now have a system to submit your articles to more than 600 article directories. Your readers will see your articles in those places

What are Article Directories?

These’re websites that accept any articles in different categories for any product/services you may imagine.

If you’re good in writing or have writing skills, you can write 10, 20, 50, 100 articles & submit them to article directories, so that people can read and ultimately take action.

Submitting more than 100 articles to directories is time consuming & stressful. You need a software that can take away your article submission stress.

The Article Submitter can definitely solve this problem. Brad has developed a software to assist article writers to alleviate article submitting problems or any one who wants to submit articles to  directories.

The Bad

However, there’s something called “duplicate content” online. The  term is associated with Google search engine. If someone submit content online, the search engine crawls it and give its value, if it’s fresh content, i.e. something new online.

If you submit a post today to search engine it’s new, but if you submit it to another website it’s no longer new. The post is already available in Google data base, The second submission is regarded as “duplicate” it will not be given value, thus won’t rank.

How Do You Check Duplicate Content?

If you copy any content & place it on Plagiarism checker, the platform will go through the entire content. It will tell you whether the content is plagiarized or something.  These are the challenges beginners don’t understand here.

If you have passion about writing content, either offline or online, you can test drive your skills at Join the site. Find out what other writers are doing there.

Once you ‘have created your own unique content. Find a reputable site where you can submit it. Stop submitting bulk content to directories

Final Thought

Although the Article Submitter is a useful tool to quickly submit articles, however your website rank will be suffer a sever blow. Google likes new stuff, it hates copied & pasted work. So, be careful what you do online rather take time to write & submit your work manually.

This will go along way in improving your website rank & more quality traffic to your site. But  you can use Article Submitter  to submit large quantities of your articles provided you don’t worry about Google crawlers & website ranking. 





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