Learn How To Use Social Media For Your Business

Website: Amazon Kindle Book

Owner: Jason McDonald

Rating: 4.7/5

Paperback: $35.99

For who: Beginners, Social media marketers

The Good

This is a book by Jason MacDonald, How To Use Social Media For Business, Workbook, was published at Amazon Kindle Books, It highly rated by customers, 4.7/5. It costs $9,99. It also contains 272 pages. The book covers the following social media areas;

  • Introduction to social media marketing
  •  Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest
  • Etc

The author has provided in the this book, as much information as possible about social media platform. The main aim is to inform social media marketer as well as business owners about marketing opportunities on these networks. The book covers covers five social media networks.

The author teaches buyers how the platform works, how to use it to market your business. As a business owner you can’t loose this kind of marketing opportunity. Buying the book will increase your social media marketing skill. 

The Bad

Although the book is valuable source for social media marketers, but social media platform cannot be taken lightly, social media users know what their needs are.

If you want to promote your business the social media way, you need to know the dynamics that exist within the networks. The social media networks were designed for people to share social their social issues among one another.

The main goal why they create social media accounts, is to share their social experiences and social issues around them. These issues ranges from politics, technology, new internet trends etc. 

You as a business owner should understand that the network is not like google adwords platform, where people are search for information to solve their daily problems. The situation differs on social media. The business network on social media is a new feature. It was discovered by the social media developers that not only individual use it, but also businesses have taken the opportunity to promote their products/services. It is thus the author’s approach to this network to teach business owners how to effectively promote their business.

Final thoughtgood-vs-bad-debt

Although there’re good and bad things about social media marketing, however, purchasing the book is not a bad idea. The author was very careful not to mention to the buyers that money can be made in this platform, which is the case with other books.

The book serves to educate business owners about opportunities that exist in social media platform. And how how it works, as well as coming up with a strategy to grab marketing opportunities.

Facebook and Twitter has designed a business marketing component called Facebook ad and Twitter for business. Here, they have tried to separate individuals from business marketing initiative. any business owners will be foolish not to explore social media platform or design a strategy to promote his business entity there.

It is thus a golden opportunity to make your presence in the social media platform.

But a word of warning, social media users are not searching for products or services to solve their problems on social media. They create account in order to make social relations and contacts. You, as a business owner must respect it.

Nonetheless, the book, How to us social media for your business is a useful piece of material for any newbie or any social media marketer.







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