Learn How To Use Twitter To Promote Your Business

Did you know that twitter has developed business advertising interface called “twitter for business”. In case you aren’t aware, I will show you how to use twitter to promote your business. 

How to promote your business using twitter

Besides your twitter regular account, twitter has provided its users  the opportunity to market their businesses. You, as their account holder can now create campaign ads to show on twitter. This is know as twitter business card. Its not free, its paid advertising method. Its more or less similar to Google Campaign Ads.

  1. You go “build your campaign platform”
  2. Design or upload your website card, website card is any of your business image/logo
  3. Choose your audience/place where your wish the ad to appear, locality (USA,, etc.), demographics (sex, male,
  4. female)
  5. Decide on amount you wish to spend per day ($50,00/per day)
  6. Decide on maximum amount limit ($550,00)
  7. Track you campaign performance by pasting tracking code on your website

After you have completed all the above steps, twitter will take you to “twitter ads interface”. This is where you will monitor your ad performance.


Ads Impression

its relates to the number of times your ads was displayed on your chosen audience


It elates to the number people who have interacted with your ad campaign or visited your site

Amount spent

The amount is calculated based on the number of ad impressions, not website visit


This where the tracking of your ad campaign comes in. Twitter will inform during ad creation phase to create, copy & paste code in your website. This is the interface where you will monitor your ad performance results.

What twitter ad campaign doesn’t do

Twitter for business ad’s primary goal is to cause your ad to appear before your prospective buyers, whether they will buy or not is another issue.

It doesn’t focus too much on keywords or doesn’t use them. Their main goal regarding your ad is impression. It allows your ad to appear before your preferred/potential followers with a view that they will like, visit & buy from your website.

Final thought


Twitter is a social media network. It allows people to compose and send twits. It can be sports, fashion, politics, business, job posting etc.

The other feature of twitter is the twitter for business. Its main goal is to allow business owners to promote their businesses on the platform.

Social media marketing is one of those methods people use to market their business sites. Twitter for business cannot be used as the only method to promote your business. It can only be useful to increase your own twitter followers, which may in turn become your future customers.

Someone ask me a question whether he can use twits to promote his business, since the platform has more than 500 million users. My answer was that he can, use twitter to market his business, but he must be careful not to loose money in the process.

If he has mastered the skills of ad campaign initiative, I suggest you use Google Adwords. Google doesn’t work with impressions but click ads. If someone click your ad he/she will be taken directly to your website.

In a nutshell your ad uses keywords, keywords that people type in when searching for something. Its highly relevant & targeted marketing campaign. Therefore I don’t recommend you to spend a lot of money on twitter ads, unless you have enough money to spend.

In order to display your business to larger audience, go for it. But, if you want to generate money fast, consider Google adwords. In this posts I have tried to show you how to use twitter to promote your business. A detailed information about twitter for business is beyond the scope of this posts.  





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