Past 4 months in, haven’t Been Successful in IM




 “I started affiliate marketing in 4 months but haven’t make a single sale”

Well, it’s not uncommon to come across such challenges in this industry. I was there too. I had never been a member at Warrior Forum, but I had a membership somewhere. I’m sure the guy was recruited to join affiliate marketing site by those who claim to be experts in the field.

Their main marketing campaign was centered around making fortune online through affiliate marketing. That’s not a bad idea at all. Indeed making money in affiliate marketing industry is the main reason why we pursue this line of business. Now the guy doesn’t make dime and is frustrated, seeking for help.

Before, you dream about making money here, you need to know the following key components;

What’s a niche anyway? A niche is that section of the online population looking for something to address their needs. People don’t just  come here.  They search for something. Something to better their lives, e’g,  sport video’s, clothing, home appliances, travel tickets, sport’s equipment, current financial/political news etc.

Let me further ask you something, what’s your interest or passion. Before you decide what other people’s needs are, you must first start by asking yourself what your passion/interest is. If your interest is soccer consider selling soccer goodies. If you like cosmetics, find sites that sell them and join their affiliate program

Once you have identified your interest/passion. Then learn how to create a blog/site around it. Your website will then be focused on products/services around your interest

You can’t expect people to buy something you, yourself don’t like. Your site therefore will be talking about something you like. Building a site these days is very simple and easy. Don’t ask someone to do it for you. Take trouble in learning how to create it. You’re indirectly training yourself in web development skills

Web content creation involves writing posts/pages about your site everyday, weeks or months. This is an endless process. It’s like an offline shop where you keep stuffing your it with necessary items, same goes here online.

Continuous interaction between you and your site is primary requisite. People like fresh content/ideas to keep coming. Your content is what make people visit to your site

Search engine optimization is key to search engine ranking. Your site must be search engine friendly. This method is learned here online. Your site has to meet search engine algorithm. Your site is competing with more than 100 000 000 other sites with more or less the same content as yours

All major search engines (Google, Bing etc) regularly visits sites that are search engine friendly

In order get more people visiting your site, you must know how to promote it. Site promotion involves using, email, social media, Pay Per Click, mobile and other marketing methods

These marketing methods are learned. Find sites that teach people how to market products/services online. When you have adequate knowledge of promoting your site. Apply them. The main idea is to use your site to generate traffic.

Web traffic come in different shapes and sizes. Your role then will be to analyse it. Be careful some sites are selling traffic. Don’t go for them. You don’t need any traffic but quality traffic. What I mean by quality traffic is that you’re searching for people interested in your niche items.

Final thought

This post was aimed at assisting Warrior Forum colleague who was battling to make a sale after 4 months in affiliate marketing. I have tried to highlight some of the key components that will assist him to earn affiliate commission

However, earning affiliate commission may go beyond mastering the above content, other affiliate marketing methods of generating sales may be learned.






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