Instagram Marketing For Beginners – Discover How To Get Real Followers







Instagram is a social media platform, it can help beginner affiliate marketers to get visitors in the form of a followers, So discover how to get followers to boost your business.

Create Instagram account

As I have mentioned above creating user account can be done on your cellphone/desktop. Go on create an account. Once your account has been created, you can then upload photos/images to instagram, is a photo/pic sharing platform.

Display Photos/images

You can upload any image, or photos in your user account. It doesn’t matter how many photos you can display, depends on you. If you have images/photos of your business you can send them there. Your business photos will be seen by million instagram users.

Getting your followers for your business

You need to carefully upload only those business images/photos relevant to your business. The purpose is to promote your business. Unfortunately you will not be able to fully promote your business like you do on Facebook or Twitter platform.

Instagram doesn’t have a feature for business marketing. It only specializes in receiving  photos/images. You images must contain your business logo. Once your business images are uploaded, they will be seen by users & possibly following it. Remember, your image/photo should have a link. Your photo viewers will click it and be directed to your business site.

How to use Instagram on your PC

You can use your Google account to login. Click instagram icon, create an account, post images/photos. The instagram account will provide statistics about people following you and those requesting you to follow them. You must also follow others so that your business can get wider exposure, possibly more followers.

Never, follow anyone who promises to generate thousands of followers for you. These people have developed software/apps of some kind, which enable them to generate large number of followers.

Your business need genuine following not spam followers. Spam followers aren’t interested in your business, its just bunch of followers. So, learn to get genuine instagram followers & help build successful business online

Word of warning! always try to do things yourself, stop relying on others to do things for you. Generating huge traffic to your site is your sole responsibility. I know, it’s difficult & time consuming, but do it on yourself.

This is a vital skill for a business owner like you. Be on the look out for new developments there, soon they will be separate business marketing interface. Be as it may, Instagram network is not the sole marketing platform, there’re many places where you can promote it. Places, like LinkedIn, YouTube, are also viable channels where business can be promoted


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