Internet Marketing Forums, Do They Really Assist Their Members?


When IM  trainers present internet marketing training, they normally advise beginners to participate in forums, get help or answers regarding IM information. Do these forums genuinely assist beginners to prosper in this industry?.

 The primary goal of these platforms is to assist newbies to find additional information on how to succeed in internet marketing industry. Another perception is that IM forum has advanced/experienced internet marketing whom you can learn more how industry works.

I was once a member of IM forum. To be honest with you. These sites have a lot of scammers and internet marketers whose participation in them, is nothing else other than selling & promoting their products. My take is that a forum is there for others to learn, how other people succeed. In business, we call that benchmarking or networking  

There’re thousands of them online.

They’re divided into the following categories;

Free IM Forums

These type are free to join. They contain large pool of internet marketers. Each member post questions/comments, get answers from forum members. Common comments/questions include, successes achieved or amount of cash generated in IM business.

They also include IM products reviews/comparison.  Every member post his successes about How he/she made money on Amazon, Clickbank, Commission Junction, Linkshare. Some success stories are true others are not. Member simply post a success story, and add a link that will direct the reader to his own site/products (promotion).

80% of comments are just spam. Others are using it as platform to recruit their own sub affiliates or business promotion. Beginners/newbies of these platform are ripped off, because they’re exposed to variety of IM offers. Site owners don’t even bother protecting them from unscrupulous IM Gurus. Forum rules are non existence. The platform was developed to benefit site owners.

Once off Payment IM membership  forums

These forums consist of paid membership. It provides IM training to its members. They’re encouraged to interact with one another. The purpose is assist other members in need of  IM information. Those who have advanced knowledge are encouraged to regularly post small scale IM tips to the forum. Beginners are encouraged to engage with advanced one, in order to get additional IM training.

They normally consist of members called Gurus. They take advantage of beginners by selling them any IM garbage. Beginners are just cash cows because of their minimum  IM knowledge. If you happen to belong to such forum, what you find is that site owners have a tendency to ignore individual training challenges or obstacles/concerns/questions (site support).

They rely on gurus to provide training support.  It doesn’t have  forum rules of engagement, like prohibition against spamming, unsolicited selling, rules prohibiting hate speech, politics, religion, blatant product promotion. 

Monthly Paid IM membership forums

Monthly Paid IM membership  forums consist of members  who pay regular, monthly/yearly membership subscription. Like all other forums, members are encouraged to engage with others for purposes of training & assistance. Those with advanced IM knowledge are encouraged to share their advanced knowledge for the benefit of other members. Beginners are encouraged to post questions & get answers from the forum.

These forums have stricter forum rules. Blatant product promotion is prohibited, placing external links in the forum post/comments is prohibited including spam comments. selling is strictly prohibited. Any IM training is strictly provided free of charge to forum members.

These type of forums have good reputation. They genuinely help beginners to grow their skills & knowledge. About 70% of advanced internet marketers today had acquired  their skills from these sites.

They are suitable place for beginners to learn internet marketing. Beginners are  not being constantly harassed by attractive offers. 

In a nutshell, I personally don’t recommend beginner affiliates to participate, for one reason. If GURUS know that you lack IM knowledge, they take advantage & sell you all sorts of garbage.





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