Internet Marketing One Of The Biggest SCAM On Earth

The biggest SCAM on earth is Internet marketing business. This is the conclusion held by many aspirant internet/affiliate marketers online. Millions are promised about this industry by those who sell products/services related to it. But the question still remains if money can be made why others fail miserably to achieve such results. Indeed it’s a SCAM.

Why its regarded as SCAM?

From business point of view, if someone setup a coffee shop business, it goes without proof that the owner will start to generate money immediately. Even though his net income is lower than the operating costs, i.e he/she doesn’t break-even. That’s a reality in business.

But  from internet marketing point of view, you setup a site, and promote whatever product/service therein, there’s no guarantee that people will buy, in other words, you seat back & wait for buyers to buy something, but not a single person spend one dollar buying anything.

You don’t even know whether they will ever buy what your ‘are selling. You try to change and sell different product/services, again not a single buyer purchase anything. Your next step is to quit, simple as that. It is on these basis that people come to this conclusion that, internet marketing is one of the biggest scam of this world.

I agree with this statement, if you set up a shoe store offline, it’s a established fact that in a week or month’s time, people will purchase two or three pair of shoes. although not all of them at the start, but hopes are raised that sooner or later your shoe business will blossom.

However, In internet marketing industry, things are completely different. You can join Amazon, linkshare, Walmart, Commission Junction etc., choose hot selling products and start marketing, no one will ever bother buying anything through your affiliate link. It’s sad, confusing and heart breaking phenomenon.

Do people really make money online?

This is one of the serious question troubling aspirant internet marketing. It goes like this, create a site, stuff with hot selling products/services start making money immediately that’s it. But when you check your affiliate commission stats, it  continuously reflects $0.00, month after month

One of my acquaintance, a seasoned internet marketer revealed to me, how he makes money online. He was not scared to tell me the truth.

He mentioned that he once made $167 000 marketing Amazon products, but he mentioned that, he spent $60 000 on PPC campaign. $60 000 is a huge marketing budget. Only a small percentage of internet marketers can commit such an amount on single marketing project.

This information tells you that, there’re serious challenges in this industry. A lot of money can be made as well as huge money can be lost in the process. It’s simple as that.

Pinterest, Facebook, Google all make billion dollars in profit, that’s a well known fact, but what’s unknown is the budget they use, the methods they apply to generate those billions in profit. It’s their secret formula they apply that remains and will remain a secret. This is what happens in internet marketing industry as well.

Final thought

Making money through internet marketing is a well known fact, but what is unknown and remains mystery is the formula or a system every guru develops & applies to succeed.

That information is hard to find. This assertion support the conclusion that internet marketing is indeed one of the biggest scam on earth.

A scam because it’s too good to be true that you can make money with it. The contention is held by those who have tried but failed miserably to generate a single dollar online.

Let me give my honest opinion about the industry, internet marketing is business like all other businesses. what you don’t know is the secret behind it. Internet marketers are making money as we speak, but how they do it remains a secret or mystery, you must figure out yourself how to make it work for you. I know you can if you’re serious about making money for yourself and family. 








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