Introducing Affiliate Marketing Blueprint


This is a newly released product by Google, Introducing Affiliate Marketing Blueprint. The Author is unknown, the name is withheld, may be for some reason.

The product is an extract from PLR book, it has 58 pages. The author concludes that you can receive a 5 figure income, once you apply the methods contained in the Blueprint



Price: $17

Owners: Unknown

Pages: 58

Overall Rank: 1 out of 5

For Who: Beginners

Overview of the Book

The Good:

The is categorized into 6 modules:

Module 1: Introduction to Affiliate Marketing Tips

Module 2: Choosing the Most Profitable Product to Promote

Module 3: Review Writing Technique

Module 4: Bonus Technique

Module 5: Process to build your Empire of Affiliate Business

Module 6: Generating Traffic Solo Ads


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The modules outlined above seek to explain to the purchaser step by step method of how to create online business using affiliate marketing techniques (solo ads). The Blueprint is suitable for training purposes to those who are new in affiliate marketing industry. It’s downloadable at cost of $17.

The Bad:

The Blueprint is expensive, considering that the information contained in modules are freely available online, it should be a free downloadable product.

It may provide newbies with some background information about the industry, and what techniques are followed to by seasoned marketers. Another drawback is that the owner of the  Blueprint didn’t  provide his/her name. Buyers will not easily  download something from unknown/supplier or source.

There are very few pages, 58 to be exact, it sounds as if there’s no detailed information in the content, that’s why it is narrowed to 58 pages. It’s basically PLR Product. 

Overall overview


The Blueprint is suitable for newbie affiliate marketers who’re searching for home based employment opportunities.

For the supplier/author to receive enough downloads, he/she must consider stuffing more information it, or make freely available to the public, or may be offer some more Blueprint.. A five figure income is unattainable with this product.

Affiliate marketing is not so easy as the author alleges. There’re overwhelming challenges inherent it this industry. Firstly, there’s immense  competition from expert affiliate marketers. 

Some of them are all out to wipe away any up coming affiliates. They’re all out to finish off any one who want to pursue this line of business. There’re many reasons for them to do so. This is a lucrative industry with huge profit potential










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