Is There Full Time Job Opportunities In Internet Marketing?


This is the question most newbies ask before they enter the internet marketing industry, Is full time job within internet marketing possible? Some internet marketing gurus allege that it is highly possible, on the other hand business experts maintain that it is likely possible. My opinion is that it is possible and also not possible, I will explain below

What internet marketing gurus say

The internet has brought about self proclaimed people called gurus in internet marketing industry. This category of internet users have at some  point work very hard in it. For one reason or the other they have successfully generated huge income online, through many different not one marketing method. For that reason they have accredited themselves as gurus in the industry.

I don’t have a problem about their successes, the problem I have is that through their achievements, they have developed a tendency to convince other people that they had earned a lot of income, thus anyone can do it.

They do make a living in this industry. Therefore, whether full time employment is possible in this industry, the answer  according to them, is overwhelmingly yes.

What they won’t tell you is the “how part of it” The answer to them is that you must join in order to acquire the tricks of trade.

What business experts say

You, then have the other category of them, who are genuine expert. These people operate both online or offline. Their experience is that internet marketing, is a business like all other businesses. Whether full time job is possible in this industry. It depends on the marketing resources one applies. If you don’t have relevant, required skills to do this business, the answer will be a big no.

They depart from their own experience about business in general and internet marketing in particular. Internet marketing can’t be separated from business at large. Any project to generate money qualifies to be classed as business. If you you don’t have relevant business skills, then forget about attempting to make a living out of it.

My personal experience

From my personal experience, I share the same sentiment articulated by business experts. Where do you find such people. You may find them offline or online. Some of them reside in your locality. Any entrepreneur in you area have good knowledge about internet marketing business. Any legitimate/genuine money generating scheme is a business on its own.

Before you start thinking about making money, you need to think about building business. You need a short and long business plan & strategy. I mean, the strategy to build business project for the purposes of generating money. With regard to internet marketing the following are essential;

  • A website
  • Relevant marketing methods like;
  • Email, SEO, social media marketing, PPC, content marketing
  • Time
  • Patience/hard working
  • Dedication
  • Most of it all, to be successful/winning spirit

These attributes can’t be purchased, they are learned while executing the project plan. It’s essential that you need some financial resources (cash). Some say it’s not necessary only little capital is required. I disagree all marketing methods, I have mentioned above requires you spend money at some point.

Going back to the topic, Is full Time Job With Internet Marketing Possible? my honest answer is no, but if you want to approach it the Guru method. It’s a yes.  If you want to approach it through the business building model, it possible.







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