Is It A Good Or Bad Idea To Promote Affiliate Marketing Without A Website?






This is a  comment my subscribers continuously post on my site. Is It A Good Idea To Promote Affiliate Marketing Without A Website?.

Of course, It’s quick and cheap to start affiliate marketing business. This is the reason why newbies join IM industry. I will try to give my honest perspective on this question

Doing Affiliate marketing without a website

Generally speaking, internet/affiliate marketing business doesn’t need anyone to have a site. Almost 60% of affiliate merchants have their own websites. You simply join them and get an affiliate link to promote whatever product is available. It is therefore indisputable that entering this line of business not does require a website

In other words. it is not a requirement to develop a site to get started. You simply search for affiliate marketing networks, join and get started.

Having said what I have said, why then affiliate marketers fail to make money in this industry. If it is so simple, quick and cheap to enter. I will try to answer that question below

Internet/affiliate marketing and business

Internet/affiliate marketing is a business like all other businesses. Anything whereby you, provide a service (advertising/marketing) in return for payment (affiliate commission), you are simply conducting a business. You thus have to do what other business people are doing.

If you advertise goods/services for other people, you’re directly involved in business venture. 

Conducting a business online

If you want to establish a business online, you need a platform or location to do so. If you have an existing business offline, you must develop a website to launch your business online.

Business entities don’t have enough capital to advertise online. Promoting business online it’s time consuming and expensive.

It is on these basis that companies partner with third party agents to do it for them. That’s where internet/affiliate marketing comes into the picture. It is therefore less expensive for companies to use affiliate marketers to promote their products/services.

Reason why people claim affiliate marketing can be done without a site

Internet/affiliate marketing has long been associated with money making dreams. Those who have succeeded in making money online, regard this line of business as quick and cheap method of making money. It is because they had spend little and achieve huge results.

Is it a good idea to create a site for this business?

From my own perspective and the challenges, I have experienced, I would advise you as a newcomer to learn how to develop a site of your own. There’re benefits for do so. You learn how to create one or many sites. In case you don’t succeed making money , you turn it into what I can call a magazine/newspaper of your own.

The idea to create a site doesn’t end there, but it equips you with the web development skills. Once you master how to create a site. It will enable you to create sites for others and make money in the process. Your site will enable you to interact with all your potential customers/buyers

Final thought

Is It A Good Or Bad Idea To Promote Affiliate Marketing Without A Website?. From what I have explained above, it is thus strongly recommended to develop a site. In other words, it is a bad idea not to have a site of your own if you want to succeed in this industry









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