Before You Setup a Business, Build a Website.








Starting a business of any kind is stressful and requires a learning curve. If you are attempting an online business out of desperation or want to make easy money you will face overwhelming obstacles.

If you want to start a successful  lifelong business, you must make effort to build a website.

Why your own website important?

The internet is organized and contains billion of websites. I mean, websites about anything you can think of. Others are offering their sites for you to use. I strongly advice you not to use someone else “car” get your own vehicle. Your vehicle you can control and use at anytime of the day or night. The vehicle I’m talking about here is your own website. Thanks to WORDPRESS, it has made website very easy to build. It has done away with all the heck of purchasing a websites.

If you want to stay here online and succeed, do as I tell you, build your own website. Interact, share the information you know with us. It might be information about

  • what you are doing at work,
  • your experience about vehicle gearbox,
  • your military experience while you were in the army,
  • the people you trained and successes they achieved with your knowledge and expertise.
Building WordPress website

Once you have your a domain name, You then go along creating a website. For starters, wordpress is the easiest & quickest  website platform builder. There’re thousands of themes to choose from. It takes only 30 minutes to create it.

After 30 minutes you will have a website & ready to interact with billion internet users. You don’t need web development skills/expertise to develop one. WordPress has made things easy in this area.

Final thought

If you are truly seeking TO SETUP a business, I suggest you build a website instantly. It will be your permanent platform to interact with everyone of us here. I know there’re some internet gurus who claim that you don’t a site. You only need a link to other people’s websites.

My question to them is very simple. Have you ever come across someone successful by using other people’s resources. I guess none. The first day Walmart, appeared online was through their site platform. 

If you’re serious about striking rich in life, you need to get your own tools. Your website represents your brand, your location, your store/shop. I know it’s not so simple as I tell you.

You may be wondering how others have developed their own stunning site platform. Some have hired web developers, others have learned how to create their own. My advice to you is that you need to learn how things are done online








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