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Who is 

JVzoo is a newly developed affiliate network, like Clickbank, It contains thousands of vendor products. Most of the products there are digital. If you want to create passive income, you’re free to join it, select any products among many, you wish to sell. You IN TURN will receive commission as compensation for promoting them. It’s basically an affiliate program with huge marketplace

How do you join? 

You simply visit the site,, search for affiliates page, fill in your personal details, accept their terms & conditions, as well as PayPal payment details. This will create an account where your payment will be sent.

Furthermore, you will be required to provide your cellphone number. The purpose is to contact & provide you with a code, where you’ll enter in the account creation page. They will send you an email in your inbox, the link in your message will take you back to the account creation page. They’ll inform you later if your application is successfully 

 How you promote their product?

You’ll find all digital products in their market place. You can choose any product you wish to promote. The market place is little bit different from Clickbank. At Clickbank you’re provided with a link to start promoting the product, whereas at JVzoo, you have to contact the product owner to get approval to promote their product.

How is their commission structure?

Their commission starts at 30% up to 80%, depending on what the product owner is willing to pay. On average owners pay 50% commission.

How do you get paid?

Commission is mostly paid in PayPal account. As an affiliate you need to have an account with You’re further required to link that account with, in order to get paid promptly.

Do you need a website? 

Owning a website is not a requirement to join. The vendor provide you with an affiliate link. All you need to do is to ask for permission to promote vendor products

How much does it cost to join

Nothing, Joining the platform is free.

Do you recommend me to join? 

If you’re serious about making money online or need additional/passive source of income, is a way to go. It’s an alternative affiliate network  to Clickbank, Commission Junction & others.

Final thought

If you want to pursue online business industry, you need to find lucrative affiliate program. Create affiliate account, search for product to sell, promote it, get paid if buyers have purchased something. In that way you will have establish a thriving business for yourself

Word of warning. Some vendors in that platform are somewhat deceitful. One guy sells so-called “money making system” something that will make you rich in no time. Well, be careful of SCAMS.  The platform was created for good intention. But every affiliate network these days is under continuous attack by unscrupulous GURUS.  







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