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Importance of Keyword tool

Let me give you a brief overview about Keywords. Affiliate marketing Gurus contend that without good quality keywords your site, is nothing but a dumb.

Keywords are not rocket science. Gone are the days where internet marketers were obsessed  about it. Google doesn’t want keywords, They want quality information to display online

Your so-called quality keywords doesn’t matter any more.  What matters online these days is CONTENT. Does your content provide sufficient information to address internet users problems. If you simply feed them with keywords with meaningless content, your article/blog will never appear on any page.

Are keywords less important?

They’re indeed very important. They’re less important if they link to nowhere. But keywords that lead to something are important of course. Some Gurus may disagree with my statement. I have always maintain that what has worked for you, will not necessarily works for another.

If meaningless/purposeless keywords had worked for someone else, it doesn’t therefore means it will work elsewhere. There’s no “one shoe, fits all” approach in this industry. 

Content and keywords

Remember when you write any article/story if  I may say so, your intention is to convey certain information to ordinary people. Your story is aimed at specific audience. In order to find it, you need to research what words they use to search for that specific topic. 

Keywords therefore come into the picture. You have find keywords relevant to people’s search online

Keyword Research tool

There’re millions of keyword tools online. Some are for free, but some are not. Jaaxy Keyword Tool is not free at all. It was developed by highly skilled Search Engine Optimization experts. Its monitored & upgraded from time to time to keep pace with new development in search engine platform


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