How Important Are Keywords?








I know this area of discussion basically fall within the domain of internet marketing. Not everything online is about keywords.

Browsers are not interested in keywords, they are interested in helpful information. Keywords are important for one reason for ranking for search engine ranking. Nonetheless keywords try to channel your focus in the right direction. They are of secondary importance but not primary important.

Why keywords important?

They are important because they direct the reader to the writers main theme of discussion, e.g.  FIFA SCANDAL, here the reader is interested to know more about, what scandal?, theft, bribes, illegal soccer agreement, World Cup host country etc.

These are the main discussion points that the reader is interested to hear.  A continuous reference to FIFA word will chase the reader away, because the discussion theme is not FIFA, but what occurred in FIFA corridors.

The conduct of FIFA officials is important here. I’m not trying to bring the soccer body here. I’m making an example. There can be a variety of topics related to keywords.

For internet writers, marketers, advertisers

Certain internet marketers do not make sense at all when posting information online. They rush into stuffing their articles/posts with dozens of similar keywords. Some even copy and paste large number of keywords in an article. they write for sole purpose of influencing the Google search engine.

Fellow internet marketers the target group online is the browser not Google, a story or topic when catching the eyes of millions is enough. People will read it, in large numbers.

Purpose of keywords offline and online?

I had never came across anyone offline worried sick about keywords. Journalists are interested about a story which occurred somewhere. they rush to the place, write down all the details.

The practice is similar online, people look for stories, products/items to acquire-information. they know nothing about keywords. Internet marketers thus need to have an understanding about this theory.

Final thought

Whether keywords are important or not, is not an issue. What is important is the content, that are brought to the fore by keywords. There is a tendency among internet marketers to overemphasize the use of keywords to them keywords are the key to bring traffic to a site.

My take is that, that kind of approach can’t be right. People are searching for information. Some content relevant to what they’re looking for. If your keywords bring solutions to what they’re searching, then those keywords may be useful in any way.  










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