Learn 5 Effective Ways Of Writing Content For Your Site







Writing content for your site is one of the important aspect in your online journey. I doesn’t matter whether, you develop a video or image. Your main objective is to communicate something to internet users. They don’t know you and you don’t know them. Most importantly they’re not interest in your story

It doesn’t matter whether you’re creating a joke or writing about anything. But don’t take people for granted. They’re human beings, capable of reasoning. However, there’re five basic methods of writing content

Method 1

Firstly prepare your story/content thoroughly. Conduct an in depth research about the content you want to write about. Remember the article will be read by million people, therefore you must conduct your personal investigation. Don’t underestimate Google. com. Google hates spams, irrelevant uninteresting story/content

Find relevant keywords. You can do so by looking for keyword search tool. Some are free others are paid for, e,g SEMrush.com, Jaaxy.com

Method 2

One of the important aspect of writing, is to come up with effective headline. for example “10 Things That Never Change In the Last 10 years” List those things according to sub headlines. You can label them as bullet form, numbers, # etc. Sub headlines enable the reader to go through your content step by step in a logical fashion. Or you may structure your content in a paragraph format

Method 3

You content must have an introduction, body and conclusion/summary. The very easy method is to;

  • Introduce yourself,
  • Tell people what you want to tell them,
  • Tell them what they want to know,
  • Tell them what you told them

Method 4

Be what you’re. What I mean by this is that don’t imitate other writers, don’t copy their content style of writing, leave them out of the picture. In any event they’ have their own content, completely disinterested in your story You’re writing for internet users not your competitors. Therefore don’t impress irrelevant people. You’re writing for people who are interested in your content.

Something very important online is your site and it’s visitors as well as site content thereof. Your site is your brand. It represents you, content creator

Method 5

Lastly, please take note of Google guidelines, readers and some basic rules of writing online content. Much has been said about Google Panda, Search Engine optimization, Google analytics, etc., etc. There’re millions of articles/websites about these topics online

Final thought

The methods outlined above are no silver bullet or magic formula about content writing. They’re just basic things on how to write quality, effective content online. 

It doesn’t end here. You need to market your content, so that it attracts large pool of readers. People hate poorly developed content. Therefore don’t underestimate your readers/traffic. Your content main aim is to drive traffic to your site. It’s a tool to attract internet users. If your your content is well structured, have interesting topic, People will regularly visit your site.

They will be interested to get more information about your articles and possibly your site content. Your site content tells more about yourself and everything in it. You’ll never master it, every time you write about something, make sure that you deliver quality/relevant content





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