Learn 5 Ways To Build Good Quality Content For Your Website



Any website without content means nothing here online. It’s like 5 page newspaper, wherein a reader skim thru and throw it away. Learn 5 ways on how to build good quality content for your website. One of the primary purpose for any site is to provide visitors with content information to entertain them

What entails good quality content

Firstly, you must build content for your site in order to show visitors what it offers. When visitors land in your site, they go through it, try to find what the content is all about. It doesn’t take genius  to determine whether the site has good or bad content. Visitors normally takes 1 or 2 minutes to decide whether to read on or leave a particular site.

Generally speaking any website has good content, however, good content must have an element of quality. What’s quality content then. It’s a site with the following elements;

  • Unique content

Be careful of plagiarism, your site content must be unique, that is, it must not be an information copied somewhere and pasted into your site. Search engines hates that kind of method. You site will be punished, it will loose search engine optimization credibility.

It must be your own self created content. Visitors like new and fresh ideas. Remember, there are billion site online. Visitors are searching for information as we speak. They come across different content from different sites. Thus you must ensure that, you don’t offer what other site owners have already offered. That’s what unique content entails.

  • Photo’s/images

Yes, your content text must be supported by relevant images or photo’s. People these days are visual by nature. Your content must include related images or photo’s. You can find them at Canva.com

  • Video’s 

Some visitors don’t bother reading text, they frequently visit site with video material. They like watching & listening to video’s. Thus, thus try to create them or visit  YouTube.com, search for video’s with information related to your content. Copy and embed those video’s in your website

  • Add social value

Your content must include social element. Social media networks have more than 1 billion users. You must take this opportunity and share your content among billion users. You can do so by adding a social media icons in your site. That will enable you to post any new content to social media sites

  • Fresh/ new content

You must develop a tendency of creating new or fresh content in your site. I recommend you write 3 or 5 posts/pages/articles, 3 times a week. This will boost your site SEO rank. Google crawlers like something new and fresh. They always search for new content among billion sites and indexed them

Final thought

If you want to build good quality content for you site, you need to learn 5 best ways to do so. This is not a rocket science, anyone can do it.

If you follow these methods, you site will have content of high quality and boost your traffic, make visitors stay on your site.

Good quality content entails 5 elements

  • Unique content
  • Photo’s/images
  • Video’s
  • Add social media
  • Fresh new content

However, this is not a  blueprint, you can add as many elements as you like, as long as they will enhance quality of your website content.







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