Learn How Backlinks Worked As SEO Strategy


There’re volumes of information about “backlinks” as search engine optimization strategy. Some say is one of the effective strategy to generate traffic to you website. Learn how backlinks worked as search engine optimization method.

What are Backlinks

Backlink is link from one website to another. Example, any link to this site from another is called bank link. The primary purpose of placing a link to another website is to allow visitors to click on it & be directed to your website. In that way it generates traffic it.

The incoming link to you site will eventually influence search engine ranking. That is, your site will improve in Google rank position.  Backlinking method was used & still being used by many companies as well as internet marketing experts. The goal is to increase webtraffic to their sites.

Google search engine & Backlinking methods

Prior to Google Penguin Update in 2014, Google, attached value to any incoming to websites. Google ranking algorithm gave high score to websites with a lot of backlinks, and give those sites higher rank position. In other words, it gave credit to sites full of backlinks. Google believed that a site which receives many incoming links from most popular sites, is also popular in nature.

However, Google ranking algorithm is not static, its changes its algorithm more than 500 times in any given period. Today the backlinking strategy doesn’t carry any weight in Google ranking algorithm. If you have developed your site around this strategy hoping to rank high in Google rank position, you’re mistaken.

It doesn’t work any longer. If you have purchased a software, or someone offers you a software to improve your site rank through backlinking method, don’t buy or use it. It’s outdated SEO method.

What are SEO applicable strategies

If you want to improve your websites position  in search engine & get more traffic to your site, you need to pay attention to the following strategies;

  • Quality content

You need to consistently write content to your site. Google likes quality content. It gives value to fresh new content. It discards duplicate/outdated content.

  • Targeting keywords

Avoid overusing keywords in your posts/pages. In other words don’t try to force Google search engine to recognize your site by placing too much keywords in your posts/pages. Don’t write for search engine but write for your website visitors. Put your main keywords in your headlines, first and last paragraph.

  • Keywords related to your site

Try to put keywords related to your site in every place of your content.

  • Site engagement

Try to make your site conversational. Write as if you’re conversing with someone. In other words as if you’re making a presentation or dialogue. Respond to comments placed by visitors to your site, like answering their questions or concerns. Provide more information about your site in case they request for it.

  • Website authority

When you write quality content & visitor engagement with your website, the gain authority for your site. You become  dominant figure in your audience/niche. At the same time you will be gain more trust thereof.

Final Thought 

If you have been using backlinking as SEO strategy to boost your traffic, time as come to employ current/up to date Google SEO strategy that works. It will go a long way in improving you site rank. Refrain for using backlinking as the ONLY SEO strategies. Learn from the above how backlinks worked as SEO strategy.






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