Start Your own business & Learn How It Can Make Money


Don’t allow the current , uncertain events that we’re living in, to scare you. As people, we have a tendency to focus on negative world occurrences that trouble us everyday. I have alluded to in most of my posts that Your Own Business Is a must These Days.

I had made this statement as early as 2017. I still make it today. Your own business no matter how small it is. You must build it in order to counteract financial difficulties

Learn How Your Own Business Can Make You Money

The media, Twitter, Facebook and other platform, continuously bombard us with scary news, Fighting in Syria, Afghanistan, hurricanes here & there and so forth. I’m not unsympathetic to those whose lives are affected. May GOD be with them during those difficult times.

 At some point they will disappear and new events will take the Centre stage . What about your own financial life, Do you have a stable financial background. In case you don’t when will you develop & improve it. The only method to live a prosperous financial life is your own business.

What you should do now?

You may not have capital to start any business during this critical times, However, the fact, is that all economic crises will go pass. Our normal life will come back again.

If you don’t have a business yet, you should get started soon. Your own business is the only way that you and your family will be in a position to achieve true, financial independence.

You don’t have to setup a big business, since it comes with huge financial challenges. You need to start small. A vending machine, home appliance repairs, small business consultant, affiliate marketing at to name but few.

Stop chasing 5,6 figure income. What if you start selling home sanitizers on partime basis. The idea is to build yourself some  little bit of business reputation. People don’t buy from strangers, they buy from those whom they trust.

Therefore a small business will build you good reputation. The moment you move to full time, medium size to large business operation, you would have accumulated trust to your customers.

What to do with partime business profit? 

That’s where most of us fail. The moment money start rolling in, i.e. $10, $100, $150, we immediately think about spending. We forget about reinvesting into back to business. 

The profit you generate from your small business operation, must be reinvested. Firstly pay your overheads, money left over must be reinvested by purchasing stock, paying Pay Per Click campaigns, spend reasonable amount on advertising. The idea is to attract more & more customers to your business. 

Final thought

 If you want to make money, you must have your own business. Look no further. You need to start here online. Forget about those who claim they can make you rich. No on had made anyone rich. The only person who can make you wealth, is none other than yourself. 

I know of people here online who just sell cellphone airtime, cellphone gadgets and they make huge profit. Starting a small business is a baby step to success. Don’t compete, listen too much to so-called GURUS

They were at some point newbies too. Today they call themselves gurus, whom they claim they can assist you. No ways, you must assist yourself… Period


















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