Learn How Google Adsense Can Make Or Loose You Money

Google Adsense, as one of the money making methods that has been with us for a number of years. People online has been generating large amount of cash with this method. However I want today to teach how Google Adsense can make or loose you money.

What Google Adsense Anyway

Google.com has allowed anyone with a website/blog to create Google adsense account, so that, they choose their ads to show in your website. If a visitor click their ad, you will earn a commission for that click. They will in turn pay you a portion of that click cost. In that sense, you assist Google to advertise on your site & you make money in return.

How do you make money with it?

Firstly you must create Google adsense account. They will assess your application, look at your site to determine whether it is suitable site to display their ads. Some applications are declined based on Google terms & conditions.

If your application is unsuccessful, you must contact their support to find out the reason. The purpose is to determine the issue that lead to your application being declined. You’ll then be required to improve/correct the deficiency identified.

If your application is successful, you will receive a adsense code to place in your site. Your role is promote your site online. When people visit your site & click their ads, you get paid for the actions your visitors take. The number of ads that will be displayed will be determined by Google itself. Some ads costs as much as $63, while others costs as little as $0.05.

How you can loose money

You need to be careful when you want to pursue this money making method. It’s not for newbies. You cannot place Google adsense ads on your only website. The reason is simple, if you create a site, the purpose is to promote your own products. Now, if you allow Google to place ads, your product/services will be competing with their ads.

Another drawback of placing ads on your site is that visitors will immediately hit back button. They do so because their view your site as adsense promotional platform. It doesn’t provide what they look for. It’s just a money making site for you.

Final thought


Google adsense is one of those money making opportunities online. Google allows website owners to place ads on their site & earn money in return. If you want to generate easy money online, adsense is the option. It doesn’t give you truck loads of cash, but it can benefit you by providing an additional income.

However, you need to know what you’re doing before embarking on this method. Firstly, it doesn’t generate much income. It only assist you to get some money to finance your marketing methods. You can’t quick you current employment with Google adsense ads.

Anyone who promises you to make a living on it, is scamming you. Thus be careful about people making empty promises. Once you have created a good website, I recommend you create a separate site that you’ll use for Google adsense ads. With the above information, I have tried to show you how it can make or loose you money.





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