Learn How People Perceive Free Trial Offers

There’s misconception about free trial membership or product here online. It is presumed that if the product has free trial offer, then everything that goes with it is therefore free. Now, learn how people regard free trial offers

The purpose of free trial

The primary purpose of a free trial product is to enable consumers to test drive the product before taking a decision to purchase it. It’s an honest attempt to allow a consumer to make a correct choice. It also allow a purchaser to compare the offer with any other available products.

However, some unscrupulous internet marketers present free offers as if the product itself can be obtained without paying anything. They entice customers to such an extent that they believe the product is offered for free.

This poses a challenge for novice internet marketers. So, they do not know how to correctly promote it. They simply market the product as if it’s free. Buyers are then mislead to believe that the product can be acquired free of charge. Such product have a high return rate. This damages the company reputation, and causes huge financial loss.

Remember all internet/affiliate marketers did not undergo any training to sell goods properly. They lack basic marketing skill. Amazon doesn’t register affiliates who have no website, there’re reasons for it. Before you become an affiliate, you must give them your website address. The purpose is to evaluate your site against your affiliate marketing knowledge.

Free trial means nothing else, it gives the buyer an opportunity to test how the product works, whether it is suitable product to purchase or not.

What should you do if your merchant offers free trial

You need to explain in your presentation, how the trial works, its purpose and allow the customer to take an informed decision. Others believe that, free trial offers are some of the well known marketing strategies. Items that have free offers has more sales than those without it.

It’s true what they say,  but the dangers of applying the strategy is that once consumers become aware of this marketing tactics they never even bother taking the free trial offer. Because they know that, they are being mislead.

Final thought

In a nutshell, free trial offers were designed to give a consumer/buyer an opportunity to test the
item before purchasing it. They’re aimed at allowing the customer to test drive the product before making a purchasing decision. It’s an honest  marketing method which is practiced  online or offline.

The negative side of free offers is that, those promoting
them, use it as a tool to mislead buyers. Their intention is to generate a big number of sales. Customers/consumers are misled to believe that free trial means getting products free, only to find later that, they are taken for a ride.

Some well experienced marketers have a tendency to undermine the mental ability of consumers. They are of the opinion that people like “free things” therefore if you give “freebies” your sales will skyrocket. Those kind of results, I can bet, they are short lived. 

However, if it comes to buyers attention that they are being misled, they will send back the product and demand money back. That damages your reputation as well that of the merchant site. Therefore free trial offers provide a buyer with an opportunity to try the product before making a final purchase.








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