Learn How To build Your Website From Scratch

Website: Amazon Kindle Books

Owner: John Slavio

Price: $17,99

Overall Rank: 4.3/5

For Who: Beginners

The Good:

This is an eBook written by John Slavio, Step – by Step Beginner’s Guide to Build Your Own WordPress website. It was published at Amazon Kindle Book, in October 2016, and has 4.3/5 rating. The purpose of the book is to train newbies how to build a simple WordPress site or blog. It contains the following chapters;

  • Why should you select WordPress
  • WordPress.org vs WordPress.com
  • Choosing a doamin name
  • Hosting  Domain Name
  • What you need to create a WordPress blog
  • WordPress settings
  • Choosing a WordPress theme
  • Different WordPress plugins
  • WordPress widgets and menus
  • Creating Post and Pages
  • Creating content

It is difficult if not impossible to meaningfully make your presence known online, if you don’t have a site. People should know your location. Therefore, the book author has developed a step – by – step guide to take you from newbie level to advanced platform. The book is a valuable took for any newbie who wants to participate in an online environment.

The book teaches you where and how to go about creating your WordPress site. It gives the buyer a road-map to simple site creation. It further teaches you about WordPress platform as well all its site’s features. It’s a must have for anyone who doesn’t have a clue about web development.

The Bad

Although the book is an essential material for newbies, However, website creation comes with its own technical challenges and issues. For starters, the book only covers the basic WordPress site development. One of the biggest challenge is the site functionality. The moment your site is up and running, it requires technical maintenance.

Your site visitors want know whether your site content delivers quality information. Remember, your site appears among billion others online. There’re simple,  new site to more advanced one. Creating a WordPress site its just a basic step to online presence, However, developing and maintaining it, is another issue.

Final thought

The book, step-by-step guide to build WordPress website,  is an essential basic tool for newbies. It provides information as to how they can join online platform through website creation.

Any newbie online requires a tool to engage meaningfully with other online users. It teaches them the basic web development skills. As a newbie, you don’t need anyone to assist you build a site, the guide will enable them to easily get started. It also provides basic WordPress information

Although, purchasing the book can be a good idea, however, it doesn’t provide detailed information about web development. Even a simple website creation requires some advanced knowledge about the project.

Once you as a newbie has purchased the book, started learning about how to create your own personal site, you then have entered the online community,

Be informed that there are number of challenges in this field, one of them is to maintain site functionality, i.e. your site must always be technically maintained. All its features, i.e. plugins, themes requires regular backup and updates.

There’s no one specifically designated to assist you with that project. What normally WordPress does,  is to allow you to post a question, to WordPress community and they will provide some answers to wordpress issues. But, a step – by – step guide to build a website from scratch is one of the valuable piece of information newcomers must have








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