Learn How To Choose A Correct Affiliate Marketing Program









Some beginner affiliate marketers are struggling to choose which affiliate program to join & which product to promote, higher commission payout or what,

I will try as much as I can to explain it below;

Affiliate program

There’re million affiliate marketing programs online. Laterally we have more than million of them. Some are the biggest guns online (Amazon, Walmart, Rakuten (previously known as  Sharesale), ClickBank, et.)

There’re also many more you can find. Just open your browser, type affiliate/partner program. You’ll find million companies offering such program. My advice is simple, choose the product not the company. Your choice is limited but product range is unlimited.   

You’ll be marketing the product not the company. Customers are searching for the product not business.

Product with high paying commission (High price sale)

This is what newbies like most. A product with high price $3 000, and affiliate commission will be 10% (10/100x$3 000=$300). This is a lucrative product to promote. Common sense dictates if you want to make quick cash, search for such items and and start promoting them

My opinion to newbies is that, you need to promote what buyers are looking for not the price. Something which will provide buyer’s solution to their problems. In marketing fraternity, It’s the item people are looking for, less focus on your financial expectations, dreams, successes.

Product with low paying commission

You can’t promote an item that will pay you peanuts in revenue ($3). It’s a waste of your marketing budget/capital. You’re wrong. If you’re serious about running a successful business any amount coming to your bank account is money, even 70 cents

If you’re consistently generating $3 in commission, multiply that by 200 items, you come up with $600. That’s what business people keep focusing, the number of sales that leaves their shelves not coins & notes.

I know we all come here to search for business opportunities and make money. However you should not be blindfolded buy dollar issues, but your business plan should be aimed at addressing buyers problems, any other thing will fall into place

Final thought

In order to choose which correct affiliate marketing program, you must not be carried away about the product price and associated commission. You need to determine what buyers are looking for. Go online to find it out yourself.

Another important thing, ask yourself, what you’re passionate about, what you like most. It’s pointless to sell something you’re not enthusiastic about. For the simple reason, if buyers don’t purchase it, you simply dumb the item and move on.

As an affiliate, you business is to address people’s needs, not making money. If you’re in a business of making cash, I suggest you try something else. High or low ticket product is immaterial. What’s important here is the product and its accompanying benefits that it will potentially address.

Your commission profit comes late. Your main objective is to build a sustainable business through affiliate marketing method. There’s nothing wrong in chasing high paying product, but low paying one can also do the trick (generating passive income)

My final take is that, firstly decide which affiliate program you want to join, what kind of product, you intend to promote, look for product with reasonable price. An affordable price to potential  buyers






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