Learn How To Deal With Shiny Objects Syndrome In IM Industry


What’s shiny Object syndrome anyway?

It’s behavioral pattern where an individual is confronted by many different successful opportunities & is unable to decide which one to choose. In business environment, & IM industry in particular. The internet marketer, especially newbies find himself/herself  in a situation where she/he is distracted by different money making possibilities

Some of us were in the same situation. We are suffered from the same disease. The reason is simple, internet marketing business opportunity, slightly differs from offline business. In the offline business world, everyone can determine with certainty which business is legit, which ones are not.

In the online world, one can not determine with a click of a mouse, what’s legit, and what’s not. That’s where online business experts catch us. Showing/displaying shiny objects;

  • “Make $5 000 online,
  • Make $1 000 every week online.
  • A 25 year old single mom made $10 000/pm Online.
Dealing with shiny objects

I guess most of us aren’t aware or clueless about what happens behind online scene. We simply enter this platform and start chasing business opportunities for ourselves.

In order to overcome shiny objects syndrome. Firstly, you must ask yourself why you wanted to pursue business/money making opportunities online. Put it differently, are there any such money making opportunities out there.  If any what opportunities do you want to pursue.

What’s your vision, your mission?

Similar to offline world, what’s your business dreams. When you grew up, your school teacher asked you, what you wanted to become when you’re old, teacher, medical doctor, builder, painter, music artist, nurse etc.

Today, you must ask yourself, what you want to become online, Amazon affiliate, social media marketer, search engine optimization expert, freelancer, website developer, email marketing expert, etc. You need to choose before hand what line of business you want to pursue

What’s your talent? What’s your skills?

This is very important. If you like writing, then forget about video marketing. Try at least freelancing. It doesn’t matter how lucrative video marketing is, but you’ll never make any success there. Focus mostly on what you’re good at. Video marketing may look shiny, but email marketing properly marches your talent.

Avoiding online distractions

Once you ‘have identified your talent & matched it with your skills. You must then decide the type of business you want to pursue. Another form of distraction will appear again. There’re many sites that will approach you with many outrageous promises to help you succeed (make money)

These distractions come in the form of Google Ads, social media posts, email ads, WhatsApp messages. Every site, forum, platform you join have similar ads. In the beginning, you plan to do things yourself online, but get distracted by people promising you to help.

The only person who will make you to succeed online, is none other than you. Most of us fear to fail, most of us need help at some point. I agree, but truth remains. Your success comes from you and only YOU.

Reading and hearing about success stories is not a bad idea. But it serves as motivating factor going forward. Reading & reading about success of others won’t help. What helps is for you to stand up and take actions and create your own success stories.

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