Learn How To Do Internet Marketing: Step By Step

    Website: Amazon Kindle Book

        Owner: Justin Gibbs

         Rating: 4.7/5

         For who: Beginners 


The book is written by Justin Gibbs,Affiliate Marketing: Fastest Way To Make Money Online” It’s was published  at Amazon Kindle Book, purchased price is $14. 38. Buyers rate it at 4.7/5. It contains  92 pages. The author’s main aim is to teach newbies about affiliate marketing & how they can quickly make money online.  It contains the following chapters; 

  • What’s affiliate marketing
  • How it works
  • Beginners guide to affiliate marketing
  • Blogging tips
  • How to build a website & make money
  • How to start affiliate program
  • How to promote affiliate products
  • Places to find affiliate products
  • How to stand out from other affiliates with email marketing
  • Amazon & Rakuten affiliate networks
  • Steps to internet success
  • types of affiliate marketing
  • Growth of affiliate marketing
  • Site audit and analysis
  • Keyword tools
  • Keyword rank checker
  • Social media analysis
  •  Back link research
  • Email marketing
  • Affiliate tools
  • Etc

The book has good customer rating. It means the buyers find this book a valuable resource for affiliate marketing project. The author teaches newbies all basic skills required to survive in affiliate marketing industry. He has tried to cover as many affiliate marketing topics as possible.

The book is written for those who want to venture into this business, but don’t have background information. If you plan to start affiliate marketing business project, consider investing $14.38 in this book.


Although the book is suitable piece of material to learn affiliate marketing business, but the industry itself comes with a lot of challenges. There’s huge competition in this industry. From my experience in order to compete in this business, you need some capital (money).

It is not a prerequisite  to have start up capital, but it is strongly recommended that you have one. There’s one compelling  reason for that, i.e. Pay Per Click Marketing. Your first step is to develop & maintain a website, create ads campaign.

Let’s look at Amazon associate (affiliate) program. In order to be admitted as affiliate, a website is a requirement. It’s easier to create one. WordPress. org can assist with that. Joining Amazon affiliate program then becomes easy if you have your own site. Once you application is approved you will instantly start promoting products there.

With regard to Rakuten affiliate program, things are little bit different. It’s a good, lucrative program to make money selling their staff. But the problem with it is that they have many affiliate networks in their market place.

If you choose an interesting product to promote, you have to contact the advertisers yourself, submit a request to join. Wait for them to either approve or reject your application. Some advertisers are lenient, but others strictly scrutinize your website before allowing you to promote their products.

If you have a poorly developed site or site with irrelevant content, irrelevant to their products, chances of being admitted are slim, you’ll be rejected. I had once applied to join several of them, but my request was rejected without supplying reasons for that.

I didn’t mind Amazon has accepted by request, I’m just fine. Same goes for you if you’re rejected simply look for other affiliate networks. They are many online.

Final Thought


Learning is a lifelong process, any learning material that teaches you how to generate income is a valuable tool. Invest in it, it doesn’t matter whether you indeed generate money or not.

But please don’t get too much excited about “money making thing” Its a challenge like all other life challenges. Be patient, work hard, stumble & fall. Success is not an overnight thing, has never been.






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