Learn How To Grow Your Business With Facebook

The society relies more and more on digital marketing.  Using Facebook is a great way to grow and modernize your business. What better way is there to reach your target audience than by using one of the most popular social media?  

Facebook has become a powerful business tool, which is why more companies and professionals are using  this social platform

What Facebook offers

Figures, released in January this year, show that Facebook now has more than 1.86 billion monthly active users. More than 1.23 billion of them e are daily users, and this social network keeps growing year after year. Hence, you can see that Facebook offers the ideal platform to market and grow your business.

Facebook is a social networking site that was launched in February 2004. It is a free service that allows people to connect with one another and to share information, photos, videos and common interests on their personal profiles.

In addition, Facebook also caters to businesses and professionals. You can create public profiles for brands, companies, organizations, artists and public figures.

An exciting business strategy

A good marketing strategy to gain more “Likes”,  is to host an online competition that encourages people, who are already following your Page, to “Share” your Page or posts. There are various ways to do this.

For example, you could hold a lucky draw with the names of everyone who shared your Page within a specific time frame. This will lead to more people seeing your Page and could potentially result in more “Likes”. In this way, you could obtain a lot of exposure with minimal

Learn how to use “Facebook Insights” to determine how many “Likes” you obtained during this marketing campaign.

Also consider offering a business gift as the prize, such as a free necklace, if you own a business that sells jewelry, or stationery with your company’s name and logo on it. This will encourage your followers to keep being active on your Page, and it will also attract new followers.

The benefits of using Facebook to promote and grow your business

Facebook is an automatic referral system. By keeping your content fresh and appealing, you can attract people who will automatically tell their friends and contacts about you, just from viewing your Page. The more active you are on your Facebook Page, the better your results will be.

Before you know it, thousands of people, across the globe, could know more about you and your business. You can use your Facebook Page to connect with your clients, handle complaints, announce new products and services and make sales. If all of these benefits don’t inspire businesses to use Facebook, nothing will!

Final Thought

Although  Facebook enables you to promote and grow your business, however,  it’s a social media network. It’s primary aim was to share and exchange information among users.

Business marketing in the network, is a secondary component. You need to understand why Facebook was established. The reason behind it, was and still information sharing and engagement among its users, not business promotion network.

In order to  successfully market you business in the platform, you must first create a personal page and engage with other users. In that way it will assist you to gain popularity. Once you users show interest in your page, you can then create a business page. This will assure them that your aim is to create social relations not only business promotion.






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