Learn How To Make $3500 With Google & Clickbank

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Website: www.earncashyearly.com

Owner: Jean

Price: $185

For Who: Anyone

Jean has developed a system, that will help you( buyers) to to make money with Google & Clickbank. The amount you can make when using the system ranges from $3 500 – $5 000 per month. She promises that if you purchase it, she will create you a domain with 300 webpages.

You must supply her with your Google Ad Sense referral code, wherein she create a link to all 300 webpages. If visitors click on these pages, even though they don’t buy anything, Google will reward you with commission (Google Adsense program).

With Clickbank, she will place banner ads on all 300 webpages. If visitors click the banner ads, he/she will be taken to Clickbank Marketplace, possibly buy one or many products there. There’s money back guarantee if buyer is not satisfied.


Although, she promises that $3 500 or more can be made with the system, she has not revealed certain information, such as who will advertise the 300 webpage domain name. Google.com decides which ads will appear where, when, how many times.

If only 3 ads (x 100 pages) are placed on these pages, there’s no certainty that visitors will click on it.  Furthermore some ads when clicked will produce $0,01 in revenues. This brings to the question whether $3 500/ pm is ever possible.

With regard to Clickbank, the market place contains thousands of products organized into different categories. Again, not all visitors at marketplace buy anything. It depends on the individual needs, some search for products in the marketplace, others simply leave without searching for anything. The goal of achieving $3 500 or more per month is unattainable.

Final Thought

The system is a viable tool for any attempt to generate some cash online. However, when looking at the promises the owner makes, results outlined above can’t be easily attained. What the system can do  for the buyer is traffic generation.

It may possibly bring as many visitors as possible, but the decision to take action remains squarely on them. What will determine the amount, depends on the visitor’s action, when visiting/viewing the 300 webpages.

Finally the system is bit expensive compared to what it  proposes to deliver. Only the owner will benefit from the system.

Word of advice, Google & ClickBank have user agreement policy, In any event you want to participate in their marketplace, there’re certain guidelines to follow. From my own experience, the so-called traffic of whatever nature doesn’t come easy

At one point somebody offered to increase traffic to my site at certain fee. He did delivered to his promise. My site received 15k visitors per month. When I check Google Analytics it was just crap, the system reveal that all traffic to my site had 100% Bounce Rate. 

The guy was just driving spam traffic to my site.






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