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Website: Warrior Forum.com

Price: $1 997 One Time Fee

Owners: Joseph from Supreme Pulsar

Overall Rank:  2 out of 5

For Who: Beginners

The Good

The owner of this digital product is offering  potential buyers, Premium-custom-authority-websites in order to generate money online. The selling price is as follows;

$1 997 Basic package

  • Niche research
  • Keyword research
  • Domain research
  • Website design and development
  • Unique Content Creation
  • Monetization with Clickbank, Amazon, Google Adsense
  • On-Page SEO- Optimization
  • Guaranteed $300 per month

$2 997 Supreme Ultimate Package

  •   Same as above but with following additional components
  • 3- month On-Page SEO- Optimization
  • Guaranteed $500 per month

$5 997 Supreme Pulsar Package

  • Same as above but with following additional components
  • Life time Support On The Installation, Customization, Operation & Marketing Aspects
  • Guaranteed $2 000 per month

What’s significant in these packages,  is that the buyer can generate $300, 500 and $2 000 per month. Surely this product is staffed with more than 100 lucrative niches. 

Any potential the buyer will receive the following benefits;

  • First – class top – notch results
  • Eye – catching header design
  • SEO Friendly website
  • Affiliate product
  • High converting unique content
  • User-friendly admin area
  • Complete cash generating website
  • 30 – day money – back – guarantee
  • etc., etc.

All the packages seem to contain what every site should have. It’s a site that is designed with cash generating  strategy in mind.  It simply takes away the challenge most web developers struggle to accomplish, (web programming).

Although its an expensive piece of digital material but the seller is prepared to refund purchase price in case the buyer is not satisfied.

The bad

Well, I can see why the seller has taken trouble to develop the product. Every one is anxious to build business these days, but can’t get started. Your own website is the first step to lucrative business opportunities online.

Although the above statement is true, but the product price is very expensive. It’s out of reach to any newcomer in this industry. You may be tempted to get one, but the promised results are out of reach (generating $300 per month).

What is more shocking with this product, is last package, making $5 000 per month is nothing else but wishful thinking. From my own experience in IM industry, no one can make suck profit by using a ready made product (package). It has never happen before, and not in the near future

The seller mentioned research about keywords, domain name etc. No one offline or online can determine with certainty what your needs are. Every individual has their own unique personal needs/wants. In what way does he know the type of business each buyer wants to set up.

These packages have one time fee. The moment, the buyer purchase them. The selling contract is concluded, both the buyer and seller agreement comes to an end. The so-called life support is non existence.

The last package (Supreme Pulsar Package), in my experience is a complete business. How can a buyer run a complete business without any business knowledge/skill. Another thing there’re no seller contact details included in the pitch

My conclusion is that the sales page of this product was developed by one of the IM Gurus, submitted to the seller to promote. It’s not Joseph’s own initiatives. Nonetheless if you plan to give it a try it’s ok. You can proceed to purchase any one of them










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