Learn How To Use 51 Social Media Marketing Methods To Grow Your Online Business

Website: Instantproductpublisher

Owner: Dave & Dan

Price: $10.06

Overall Rank: 2/5

For Who: Beginners

The Good:

This is a niche product developed and ready for download by Dave & Dan,51 Social Media Marketing Methods To Grow Your Online Business . It’s a package to assist you to build online business instantly. The product is designed for newbies who are unable to develop their own product to sell online.

For those you have no idea what to sell, this is their opportunity to possess something of their own . The following are the items contained in the niche package;

  • A Full Mini site Graphical Template
  • A Professionally Written Sales Page
  • A Ready Made Squeeze Page
  • A Fully Comprehensive Report
  • Fully Editable Word Source Docs
  • High Quality Graphical Images
  • Bonus PLR Articles
  • Mind Maps
  • Email Swipe Copy
  • Download Pages

The package contains all the above items. Once downloaded, you can start using the product to generate money right away. If you are one of those newbies who battle to create anything to sell and make cash online, the product will assist you to do just that.

 In case you-don’t have a clue how to market items online, provision has been made for you in the form of squeeze pages. These are mini websites, that look like landing pages. when visitors stumble upon and click them, they are taken to the site, where they can read more about it.

Furthermore, it contains PLR material. These are reports in the form of PDF documents, which you can edit and resell them to make money. It also contains free 30 day money back guarantee.

The Bad

Although the product owners promise buyers to earn huge income with it, However, it has some notable shortcomings. The product label is about 51 social media marketing strategies, but the sales page contains little or nothing about social media marketing.

What is apparently clear, is that, the package is all about PLR material. These are  pre – written reports/articles by owners which you can edit, sell and keep profit for yourself. The owners has further provided below with income snapshot, where they show their earnings by selling the package.






When comparing the product price and the income generated it looks too good to be true. Any product that costs lousily  $10.00 cannot produce such a huge income amount, to be exact, $500 000. This kind of income is very illusive to generate by simply selling the product.


Final thoughtgood-vs-bad-debt

The niche package, 51 Social Media Marketing Methods To Grow Your Online Business, is a product developed for those who can’t create their own product to sell.

It’s main benefit is just to download and starting selling right away. The prominent feature of this product is about 51 social media marketing  strategies to build online business, but the owners has failed to clearly show any single strategy to market anything on social media platform.

In other words the headlines and the content of the product are two different things. The main product feature is the PLR material. It looks like the owner’s main business model is PLR material developers.

There’s nothing wrong in creating such material and sell it to potential buyers, who may in turn edit and resell them online. Any individual who can write reports/articles about any subject may in turn create PLR reports and further sell them to others.

This is kind of business initiative is a common method of generating money online. But this niche package doesn’t reveal any social media strategy to make money at all.






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