Learn How To Use Prewritten PLR Content In Your Blog


I guess you have visited many sites and downloaded tons of  prewritten PLR material, and used it. Here I will show you how to use PLR content in your blog website the correct way.

What are Prewritten PLR Content in anyway? 

It’s a written article, post, pages, eBooks or any material posted by someone online.  The content ranges from dog training, weight loss, sports, building a blog site, DIY tutorials etc. The owners of these materials are kind enough to allow you and me to reuse them on our own websites.

Some are free to download but, others you have to pay a minimum fee or join and get full access to more than 100 of them.

How to use PLR Content material

Some of us are lazy by nature. We require some form of assistance. The PLR Content owners have identified this shortcoming and came up with a solution, PLR Content resource. The resources are freely available in case you need them.

Once you have obtained these resources you need to make sure that you effectively use them to create your website content.

These materials are 100% duplicate information which search engines hate,  big time. But, it can be used to your own website advantage. Firstly, you have to go through the whole content. Get writer’s ideas and the message he/she tries to convey to the audience. The next step is for you to rephrase/rewrite the content in your own words. Check the example below;

  • How to build a website
  1. How to build a WordPress site
  2. How to create a stunning website
  3. How to create an affiliate website
  4. How to develop Amazon affiliate website
  5. How to build online business website
  6. How to teach people to build their websites
  7. Building website for beginners
  8. How to build a website in 30 minutes
  9. How to build money making website
  10. How to build search engine optimized website
  11. Etc

The above examples clearly show how you can go about rewriting PLR material to create content for your site. If you can master this technique, you can create more that 1000 posts or pages in your site. You simply turn other people’s content and develop your own articles or eBooks. This is one of the laziest and effective method of content creation.

What about plagiarism? 

Plagiarism is a situation where you use other people’s work as if it is yours. In case of PLR Content, the owner has given permission to anyone to reuse such resource without any legal recourse. Therefore these resources can be freely used by any person online.

You can also  use them to develop your own eBooks, pdf articles and sell them for profit. In other words PLR Content owners are good guys, they use their skills to help us build our own content.

Final thought

Word of advice, don’t be lazy to write your own content. Pre written PLR Content is not a substitute for writing your own articles or posts.

Writing content for your site is one of your primary responsibilities as a site owner. If you want to build your website authority you need to give your audience something unique.  Therefore you must learn how to use Prewritten PLR Content the correct way in your blog.







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