Learn How To Use Social Media For Your Business


Website: Amazon Kindle Book

Owner: Jason MacDonald

Rating: 4.6/5

For Who: Beginner


The Good:

This book was written by Jason MacDonald, How to Use Social Media For Your Business. It was published at Amazon Kindle Books on 26 October 2016. It contains 274 pages.  Since it was published, it has been positively reviewed by 133 buyers and received 4.6/5 rating. It has covered the following social media topics ;

  • Introduction: An overview of social media network
  • Social Media background information: How social media works
  • Facebook Marketing: Basic principles of Facebook marketing
  • LinkedIn Marketing: How to use LinkedIn for advertising
  • Twitter Marketing: How to use Twitter  for Business marketing
  • YouTube Marketing: How to use video’s to promote your business
  • Pinterest Marketing: How to market your business using Pinterest
  • Other social media houses: How to use review sites to promote your business

Basically the book is aimed at teaching small and medium size business owners how to advertise their businesses on social media. Most of the online business owners are  beginner internet marketers. Jason has written many books about the social media networks now he has compiled this piece of material to enable internet marketers to understand the workings of social media houses.

The book provides step – by – step instructions on how to advertise on social media platform. It further teaches your on how to identify marketing/advertising opportunities in the every social media platform. The author has long term  experience and knowledge about social media advertising

The Bad

The workbook, How to Use Social Media For Your Business, is an informative material for small and medium business owners. However, you need to be warned that social media networks are not as easy as you may think. It comes with its own inherent challenges.

The primary purpose of  establishing social media houses was to enable users to exchange information among themselves. Basically it was aimed at assisting users to create social relationships to share knowledge and their life experiences.

People use social media platform to tell others what is going on around the globe, as well as to interact and learn what others are doing offline. You know as well as I know that these networks have almost more than 1 billion users.  

However, there is misconception that these people are potential customers for any business. Some social media marketers, especially beginners are of the opinion that, they can simply blasts their ads to these networks and customers will then visit  their sites and start buying anything therein.  That’s not how social media platform was created. 

It is on these basis that the networks have created a business advertising component, called Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest for business.  The purpose is to separate between social engagement and business promotion platform.

Final thought

The book, How to Use Social Media For Your Business, is one of those informative piece of material earmarked for  teaching prospective social media marketers how to effectively promote their business. Purchasing the workbook will enable you to learn the basic skills of advertising business on social media

Social media marketing has its own challenges. Its free to promote your business there, but social media houses has established business marketing component. Such component, is never free, you pay for every ad you place in it.

You can purchase the workbook and get an in depth knowledge of how these networks operate. The workbook is available at Amazon Kindle Store





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