Learn How To Write Many Articles With Content Professor

Name: Article Spinner

Website: Content Professor

Owner: Cindy Battye

Price: Quarterly: $9,99/pm, Monthly: $9,95

For Who: Article/blog writers


The system/software was designed by Cindy Battye, The purpose of the system is to assist article/blog writers to write as many articles as possible. It eases the pain of writing articles experienced by most writers.

If you subscribe you will be taken into the system platform, where you will write as many articles as possible within a short space of time. It costs $9.95, its available at Clickbank Marketplace.

If you regularly writes articles or have to write website content, the system will help you to do just that. You won’t run short of writing ideas. It contains the following features;

  • Spin Ready Articles
  • Exporting spin ready articles
  • Mass article creation
  • Quick article rewrite mode
  • Multilingual Thesauri
  • Personal Synonym Database
  • Import Your Own Synonyms
  • Unlimited Nested Spinning
  • Multi-word phrases
  • Content Professor‘s API

These are but not all system features. The benefit of having this kind of a system is that sometimes we run short of ideas to write about, or we simply write 5 articles/blogs and get stuck. Its a business tool that can assist you to overcome any writing challenges.

The Bag about Article Spinner

Although the system can go a long way in improving the writers article quantity, but it has some shortcomings. Articles/blogs are written for human beings to consume. Readers need quality written material. Something, that will help them buyers/consumers take decision to purchase, postpone or not to buy at all.

The idea of spinning articles is to create quantity. After an article has been written, there’s a consumer at the end of the tunnel. A consumer is a human being. he must a weigh up all alternative choices before making a decision. 

The purpose of spinning the written material is create large volume of articles. Consumers require quality not quantity. It only benefits the system owner, not the consumer.

Final thoughtgood-vs-bad-debt

Employing article spinning system is not a bad idea at all. It enables the writer to write many articles. It assists the writer to write one article, spin it and produce many similar ones.

In case you don’t have any idea to write article about, the system will enable you produce large volume of articles. In a situation where you want to write & submit 5 or more articles in a week, this system is a useful tool to achieve your milestone.

However, the drawback of using the tool, is that, the writer is likely to rely heavily on the system rather than using his/her own natural talents. In the end it will shut down writer’s reasoning faculties.

The articles/blogs you find here online have been carefully crafted to create curiosity about the subject. People want interesting information to read about, thus the system doesn’t fulfill that particular area.

There’s something all search engine dislike, duplicate content. Search engine networks/article directories normally use their own article quality check system. They ad any submitted article into the system, to check its quality before publishing it. They are aware of spun articles, therefore the system has build-in features to detect such articles. 

Why therefore using Content Professor is a bad idea? Not at all, the system can be used to generate new or similar articles. But the writer must use it for that purpose only.

80% of the article content must be original. It’s the duty of the writer to continuously create original information. Learn more how to write many articles/blogs using Content Professor in this blog.







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