Learn Internet Marketing Mistakes Made By Beginners – Following Gurus









Any entrepreneur teaching  anyone how to start and run a business will not miss the following topics;

1. Research a market

2. Determining who is your competition

3. Choosing a business location

4. Getting funding

5. Organizing equipment

6. Hiring employees

7. Promoting your business

Guru tactics

When coming to internet marketing, you find a different story altogether. Guru internet marketer simply tell their success stories, how they achieve $$$ $$$ $$$ in their business.

Then fellow beginners blindly follow those gurus. This is a one of the deadly mistakes, the beginner internet marketers made online.

There’s nothing wrong in learning from big business, how they started & grew their business. they inspire, motivate all of us. They become our source of business knowledge, They show us the road to riches. They deserve to be applauded. 

Word of Warning

A word of warning. To display how much money one has made doesn’t inspire at all. What matters most are details involved in achieving such claimed results. That’s what entrepreneurs do, giving the finer details of how to set up & grow business.

Because we as beginners, do not have a clue, or lack knowledge in internet marketing industry, there’s a high risk that we simply follow gurus claims. Sometimes we do so because of lack of knowledge.

Internet marketing training is very scarce offline. Very few people discuss about it. virtually no training available offline. But you will find abundance of this subject online. I need to advise you, internet marketing is business like all other offline business. It requires the following features; 

  • Passion/interest
  • Market research – a need for something
  • The competition – how many internet marketers currently operating online
  • Getting money to finance your business –  (buying domain name, hosting, PPC/SEO funding)
  • Equipment – ( computer/laptop, internet connection etc.)
  • Advertising ( PPC, email/social media marketing)
  • Employees (yourself, time required to spend building your website)

Unfortunately these are the tools required to build a successful business in this industry. Following gurus, is not a way to go. Yes, you can get some background information as to what others are doing online. It’s not how business is run here.

  • Beginner internet marketers has this tendency to follow what others are doing & emulate it with a hope that one day they will become successful too.
  • Or, they spend huge amount buying/downloading training tutorials.

Theses are deadly mistakes newbies make. You need to have your own internet marketing plan if you want to succeed here.

Final thought

In case you want to learn something from gurus, send them an email, seek for detailed information. From my own experience, they have a tendency to send you dozens of offers, highly attractive offers.

Others will give you some bonuses if you buy something. Remember I said you wanted a detailed information, not something to buy.

So, beginner internet marketers, you need not blindly follow the gurus. Learn how things are done in this industry, the legitimate way. In order to find legitimate business training, you need to conduct a thorough research.

Determine what specific training you require, compare it with what skills you already have. That will go a long way in addressing your internet marketing training needs.








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