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Website: Amazon Kindle Book

Owner: Adam Clarke

Rating: 4.4/5

For Who: Beginners to advanced

Price: $12.99

The Good:

For those who want to rank high on google, Adam Clarke has created this ebook, learn  Search Engine Optimization Strategies  To Rank High On Google. 

It is available at Amazon Kindle book. It has received 408 positive reviews. Although it was published in 2021, but it is continually updated with current information. It is earmarked for beginners to advanced marketers. It contains the following topics;

  • Introduction how Google works
  • Google ranking updates
  • Keyword research
  • Importance of Keyword research
  • Keywords defined
  • How to rank high on Google with link building
  • Generating lists of keywords
  • Spying keywords competition
  • Keywords brainstorming
  • Finding keywords that attract traffic
  • Social media and SEO
  • Google console analytics
  • Powerful SEO tools

The main features of the book is Google keywords dynamics and how Google rank some particular sites. It’s written in an easy to understand format, you don’t need a particular skill to apply the information contained therein. It’s suitable for any person who wants to learn SEO strategies.

Although, it has been online since 2014, but the author has taken trouble to update it with up to 2021 SEO information. If you don’t have technical knowledge on how the search engine works, the author has done some research and publish the book for you.

The Bad

Although the book is fully packed with Google SEO methods and strategies, but any method and strategies have their own shortcomings. I know it is not the first time you have come across with such strategies, and maybe you have tried some but did not achieve good results.

In order to understand how Google works, you must have a website running online. Or you must develop a new site, and try to apply these strategies to optimize it. You must then monitor whether your site ranking does improve.

Another challenge facing SEO experts, is that Google continuously change its methods of ranking sites. What applies to Google system now will not necessarily apply next week or month. The reason is that Google crawlers can’t be predicted, they keep changing the way they rank each site on its database. Site owners must always follow what crawlers are doing in order to maintain site ranking position.

Search Engine Optimization strategies are not the only method available online, there are other methods like social media, email marketing and Google Adwords, they are all aimed at ranking site within top 10 position

Final thought

The book, learn  Search Engine Optimization Strategies  To Rank High On Google, it’s a valuable
piece of material for those who want to master SEO dynamics in 2021 and beyond. It has been updated with current information to improve your website position on Google. It also teaches you on how to research relevant keywords and other related information. It’s earmarked for beginners to advanced SEO experts

However, although the book is fully packed with SEO information, but it has its own shortcomings. SEO strategies are not the only methods to improve your site ranking, there are other methods like social media, email and PPC marketing. For any website to rank high on Google search engine, different strategies and methods should be applied.

Nonetheless the book by Adam Clarke , learn  Search Engine Optimization Strategies  To Rank High On Google, cannot be underestimated. If properly applied, it has the potential of  improving your site rank and attracting  consistent traffic.









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