The How And The What Of Work At Home


  “Work at home jobs”, “Work at home mom” Quit Your day job & work now” had been a talk about town during the past decade

I may sound boring about this subject. But I want to take this opportunity to explain the current realities. I guess you have heard enough about before Unfortunately if you think  it had fallen away, think again.

I have learned around the world that people/businesses have resorted to work at home strategies. They have allowed their employees to take company laptop, iPad and other devices to work at home. For one simple reason, to prevent the spread of Covid 19.

Why now this topic important?

To reduce Covid 19 infections at workplace, maintaining social distance. Many big/medium/small business are developing a strategy to enable their entities to conduct business away from their premises.

For now it’s a short term strategy aimed at curbing Covid 19 infections. It allows business operations to continue away from their premises. Although, it may not be feasible for others but small business do benefit from it. These are the challenges that came along with Covid 19 pandemic

What will happen post Covid 19?

To work away from business/company premises will gain momentum during that period. The Pandemic has taught us to do things differently. You’ll agree with me if I say, you need partime additional income, that you’ll conduct at home. Many people around the globe are searching for home business of some sort, as we speak.

Home business rush

A word of warning, don’t come here if you’re desperate. Take your time, plan properly. Home business is not a silver bullet to your financial problems. It’s business like all others. In case you ‘have lost your day job during this period, home business is a way to go.

But take your time, come up with home business strategy. First question to ask, what’s you niche, your interest & your passion. Surely, you had accumulated mountain experience while working for your boss. You had proposed many changes at workplace. Your boss loved it.

Now it’s the time  to import those skills into home business. This time around to set up your one of your own. To some I may sound crazy because there’re million home business out there. I agree, but in my own experience about online industry, there’s anything for everyone

What you need to do is to conduct a thorough research, what people are looking for. Remember there’re billion people online searching for solutions to their problems. If you can search what people are looking for, find it and make it available to them. You then have a solid online business.







It has played an important role during this pandemic period. No one has ever thought that at some point people of this world has to interact miles away. From my own experience ZOOM software will take the center stage in all communications around the world. Similar goes for Home business.

The pandemic crisis has taught us, one thing to think outside the box, to approach life differently. Time has come to all day jobbers to build their partime income, no matter how small it is. But It’s a must 






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