Learn The Secret Why Webtraffic Doesn’t Give Rise To Sale

Every website owner talk about getting traffic to his site, indeed without it your site is none existent. In order to generate income and authority you need visitors to your site or blog. It’s where sales come from. No traffic, no sales.

The whole idea revolves around more traffic, more sales, learn the secret why webtraffic doesn’t necessarily give rise to sale

The good things about webtraffic

Yes, I won’t lie to you, every site owner develops a website, to sell products/ services and  eventually make money, it’s simple as that. without  visitors  to your blog or website, you won’t generate any sales

Thus, you need traffic to it. People must regularly visit so that, they can make a purchasing decision. But how do one generate visitors. Firstly you need to develop a site of your own, staff it with products people want. Most importantly, create appealing site content. Your products alone won’t bring huge traffic, but you need to show visitors why they should keep coming to your site.

That’s your primary responsibility, is to cause visitors to  stay long on your site. The longer they stay, possibilities are that they will end up purchasing one or few products. Using traffic generating software/ system may assist you to get more visitors. It’s another alternative strategy of driving webtraffic to your site.

The bad thing about webtraffic

Having said what I have said, there are challenges regarding webtraffic.  Currently, the internet has more than 3 billion users.

3 billion people are your potential customers . However, are you sure that they are searching for your products? Surely this is a large audience, looking for different things in life. Do your site have solutions to what they are searching for.

Let’s assume a portion of this audience are your potential customers/ consumers of your product. How do you know. Because people have different problems requiring different solutions.

The point is, you may receive, 10 000 visitors to your site everyday, but not even 1% of them make any purchase to your site. There may be different reasons why they don’t purchase from you.

Maybe, they don’t trust your site or they like your site, but, they’re unsure whether to buy or not. Others like it, but not interested in your site products, and others are conducting search projects of some kind  they’re are looking. They have purchased the same product elsewhere, but they want to compare whether product features are the same. They are countless reasons why they don’t buy.

Final thought

You know as well as I know that traffic is the lifeblood of any website or blog. Getting huge traffic to your blog is a giant step in your online business journey.

Any site owner, who can’t attract traffic doesn’t have a clue what it takes to build online business. If you’re selling products or services here, traffic is the key to your money making journey. Therefore don’t full yourself you must work hard to generate visitors to your platform.

However, not everything here is about webtraffic, you may have 1000 visitors a day, but fail to generate $10 in sale. It’s a common phenomenon. Driving webtraffic to your site doesn’t mean you have accomplished your task, but what’s important is, what do you do with that traffic. Do you provide solutions to their problems. What brought them to your site in the first place. 

Start learning,  the secret why webtraffic doesn’t give rise to sale.  






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