Learn What Makes People Fail, Others Succeed in Affiliate marketing







What makes people fail while others succeed in affiliate marketing business? My followers keep asking this question over and over. And they expect honest and straight forward answers. Unfortunately there’s no definite/correct answer to this question

In order to give you a correct answer, firstly I need to start by saying, what makes people succeed and others fail in life situation.  There’re a number of personal characteristics involved in any success journey. There’s is also no “one size fits all approach” 

At most 90% of people fail in affiliate marketing business within the first 5 years. I will start by grouping them in 5 different categories

Category 1

Those who does nothing at all. There’re those who are not prepared to do anything. Some call them lazy people. People who’re chasing free things (freebie seekers). If you’re not willing to do anything. You then fall in this category, therefore don’t expect miracles. If you do nothing, forget about success in business

You just need to pack your things and leave. Because there’s nothing for nothing in any business setting. If you want to get results you need to stand up and do something.

Category 2

This category consists of 50% hard workers. They’re eager to work hard and strike it rich. I salute them for taking actions in order to improve their financial wealth. However, this category have a tendency to be attracted to fancy things. they like fancy/shiny objects. They have a tendency to buy success.

Although they differ from the first category, but they have a tendency to believe everything being said about success. They usually follow the so called guru internet markers. They normally purchase success/secret formula online. The main reason for such behavior, is that, they have enough money to buy such things. Hence, they waist no time in buying anything they come across

Success can’t be purchased, It’s earned

Category 3

People in this category have all the attributes to work hard, being committed, being prepared to learn different things. They’re creative, almost prepared to tackle any business project. Basically they’re eager to master all the details of any project.

About 50% of entrepreneurs belong to this category. They all want to set up businesses of their own. They’re also prepared to spend money to do so. However the moment things don’t ad up, they quit. Not that they’re simple quit but they start another business project with a hope that things will ad up in the end.

Category 4

This category consists of people with similar attributes to category 3. They’re hard workers, committed to what they do. The only difference to other categories is that they’re prepared to fail. To them quitting is not an option. 

These, I can call successful affiliate marketers of any century. They take affiliate marketing as business like all other. They have the ability to learn with scrutiny, what works, and what doesn’t. They’re successful in any affiliate marketing niche.

These are the people who make huge regular income online. Research findings reveal that only 10% of webpreneurs belong to this category 

Final thought

Going back to my question,What Makes People Fail, Others Succeed in Affiliate marketing? There’s no definite answer to this question. But I can assure you, we do have quite a number of affiliate marketers who earn a decent living online.

You can compare YOURSELF on which category you belong to.






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