Learn Whether Product Testimonials/Reviews Are Scam Or Legit


Some people wonder whether testimonials or reviews from satisfied customers are scam or legitimate. The reason they ask this question is that, they purchase a product/service because other customers have gave it good rating.

However, the moment you buy it, the results are different

 Some background information about testimonials/reviews

The primary purpose of allowing people to give testimony about how they view the product, is to determine whether it satisfies customer expectation. The system allows customers to reflect on the quality of the product. If they give it a  good rating, then the supplier will stock large quantities or offer discount or increase or lower the price

Some business site, make provision for this kind of a system. It enables the site visitors to learn how the product works from satisfied customers who purchased it. That’s the idea behind allowing people to give first hand experience after purchasing the product.

Amazon.com does have this system in place, i.e. “REVIEWS”

Online product testimonials/reviews

The idea behind this subject is the same offline or online, but the problem with the system here online is that, potential buyers are sometimes scammed about the nature of the product. Some sites present a biased opinion about product/services.

It’s indisputable fact that, there’re sites which promote good quality product, but on the same token they’re site which sell fake goods, but provide potential customers with scam opinion about goods/services. Every product becomes good quality product

A closer look at testimonials and reviews

It’s a common practice here online that when you have established an online business, in all your offers, you must provide opinion/feedback from satisfied customers. It’s true some customers are satisfied, but others not.

However, every business has a tendency of presenting good testimonials that show how satisfied their customers are about product/services. This kind of marketing method has  created money making opportunities for others.

At Fiverr.com there’re business people who promise to create  10 to 100 testimonials or reviews for your business. The gig costs  as little as $5 per batch. Now, if you have never sold any product or service and then someone creates a non existing testimonials/reviews for you, what does that mean? Are they legitimate or scam. The last phrase speaks for itself. Indeed, they’re scam or illegitimate.

Final thought

I know every person who start online business wants to make money, in order to do so, he/she must work hard to find buyers. That should be done by using legitimate marketing methods or systems.

 In your affiliate marketing journey, you must choose legitimate marketing tools. Tools that has the potential to grow your business not destroying it. Illegitimate/fake claims damages your business reputation & brand

Your business that you started here, is your image, it’s you or your brand. I don’t think therefore that you can use falls claims to promote yourself. Others may say, they can use it as long as it attracts buyers. I agree but for how long will that strategy last.

The moment your customers realize that you’re cheating on them, they will never buy from you. You simply cannot be trusted. 

In a lighter note not all testimonials/reviews are scams, some are genuinely legitimate but others are fake.






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