Learn Whether Searching For Keywords Is a Good or Bad Idea?

The good thing about keywords

People communicate online through written  language. They write specific words online,  when searching for information. You as online information provider must know what words people frequently use when browsing the web. 

Make money, for instance will give you 154 000 000 results on Google search, it’s a combination of many things. It may be people searching for the term or website about making money. Content marketers may have taught you that good keywords or searches may drive people to your site. Of course, that may be true in certain respect.

What’s good about keywords is that you target the audience that is searching for information relevant to your offer. If people can find information related to your products. definitely, site content is relevant to what they are searching for.

In order for people to find you, you need to design your content in such  manner that people can easily find it. If your site is about clothing, every article/ page or posts should talk about clothing items, e.g. shirts, skirts, shoes, jackets, etc., thus when searching for keyword to use in your content,  you need to find terms related to clothing. But don’t forget your competition, because, there’re million sites/information about the term clothing

The Bad thing about keywords

Searching for relevant keywords for your content may be bad. People search for information not keywords. You may come up with good keywords, but only to find those keywords are not linked to what internet users are looking for.

Keyword experts say a lot about keywords, what they don’t understand is that people are not looking for keywords, but information to help solve their problems. Do your site provide solutions to what they are looking for?  

Your content should be relevant to what people are searching for. It doesn’t end there. Now that they have visited your site, you should then be able to assist them find solutions to their problems

In a nutshell, your keywords firstly must drive visitors to your site, secondly, you should fulfill  your promise, give them what they are searching for.  You may find good keywords, and people start following your site, but can’t find what they are looking for. 

Although your keywords may be relevant and capable of bringing visitors, but your task doesn’t end there.

They must be convinced that your site will help provide solutions to their problems. If you simply staff your content with good keywords, but your content is irrelevant to what they are searching for, you will get 90% if not 100% bounce rate.

Final thought

If you want people to find your content, you need to search for good relevant keywords. People search for information that will assist alleviate their problems.

If you have information good enough to address their needs, than you need to search for words that will appear in google and other search engines. In that way people will come across it and follow your content.

But you task has not been completed yet, once people start visiting your site, you must supply them with solutions they are looking for. Your content should first contain good relevant keywords, once you have done that, your next step is to adjust your content in order for visitors to interact with your site.

The good thing about searching for keywords is to attract people to your site. The bad thing is where your content doesn’t match what they are looking for. When writing content don’t pay too much attention to keywords, but try to pay too much attention to your content.








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