Learn Why A Website Doesn’t Equal Traffic

A Website Does Not Equal Traffic

Yes, I may sound crazy but others may ask me why I always talk about site creation or that your own site is a must? Of, course I agree, your site is your store/business area/location, whatever you may call it.

The good thing about your own site

To communicate with other internet users you need a place where people can go and a place to learn more your business offerings. You may want to offer new services or talk about new development in your niche, in order to do so, you need a location

Before people learn anything about you, you need a location where it will be easy for them to find you. 

Driving traffic to your site

This is one of the serious challenges facing site owners online. finding  people and convincing people to visit your store/site/blog is a mammoth task. One of the well known & quickest method is using a Pay per Click strategy. You place an ad, with your site URL. When they find your ad and click on it they’re directed to your site.

This method is very expensive. It can consume all your money without anything in return. One of the internet marketing gurus, are prepared to spend $50 000 or more to do it. By spending such huge amount doesn’t necessarily give rise to profit, you may spend such amount and get nothing in return.

Does setting up a website give rise to traffic?

Basically, setting up a site doesn’t automatically drive people to it. Once your site is up and running, your responsibility is to find people to visit..

There’re more than 1 billion users online, not all of them are interested in your site content. Others are surfing the web for fun, while others are searching for products to buy. Others may be trying to create relationships, like friends, sport/TV/video/current news enthusiasts, etc

A site is primarily a tool to find people to know about you and your business, if you have any. It’s platform where you promote your self and your business to the world. Your site is not capable of attracting people to it. It’s you, that must apply it to drive visitors to it.

Yes, I know others may promise that they can do it for you. I have been online for almost 10 years. There’re people online who promise to help site owners that thy can bring huge traffic to starving sites. Some of them, I know, are members of  Fiverr.com. 

They sell different Fiverr Gigs to others at a small fee. I have used their services, in 2014, and they did send me huge traffic. On my closer analysis, not even a single visit bothered to stay longer than 1 minute on my site.

Therefore, setting up site will not automatically attract people to it. You use your site as a tool to find visitors to it. Once your site is up and running, your job is to optimize, so that people will see it and possibly visit it. A site that you created will not give rise to visitors, don’t make mistake about that

Final thoughtgood-vs-bad-debt

I hope you’ve learned that a website doesn’t give rise to traffic. When you have set up a site, don’t raise your hopes that people will rush to visit it.

You need to work on it. Internet users are not attracted to your site, but they are attracted to site content. The content must be capable of addressing their needs






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