Learn Why Amazon Is The Best Affiliate Network






A lot has been said about Amazon as an affiliate network. There’re negative opinions , but some are good. Learn below why Amazon is the best affiliate network;

The Good about Amazon as affiliate program

Amazon affiliate program, commonly known as , Amazon Associate Central, has been online for more than a decade. It has  900 000 or more affiliates in it’s database, and has paid over 100 million affiliate commissions.

It’s one of the biggest online retailers followed by Walmart. com. It also has website in the following countries, China, India, Japan, Singapore, French, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Brazil

The network provides newbies with opportunities to generate income online. It has more than 500 000 million products. As an affiliate you have large quantities of products to sell online.

One of the advantages of being  their affiliate is that, when you send visitors to their website to buy a specific product, but end up buying another, you still receive commission for it.

Let’s say, you send a visitor to buy an ebook that costs $19. 00, but the visitor decides to purchase HP laptop which costs $699, you’ll earn 10% commission on that item.

Another advantage is that, although their affiliates has joined US Amazon site, but they can promote any product and drive traffic to any of their sites hosted in countries mentioned above. If visitors buy anything there, affiliates get rewarded with commission fees

Amazon is highly recommended  and one of the best  affiliate program for any of those you have interest in internet/affiliate marketing industry

The Bad about Amazon affiliate program


Although Amazon associates is one of the best affiliate network, but any affiliate program has it’s own challenges

In order to join and participate in the network, you must have a website of your own. If you don’t have a site, according to their terms of conditions, you’ll not be allowed to participate


Commission payment is 6 – 10%

Another challenge/drawback is that the commission fees are fixed at 6 – 10%, their affiliates complain that the amount is too low, compared to other Affiliate networks. Clickbank affiliate network pays anything from 50 – 70% commission per product.

Allows only 24 hr. cookie

Amazon Associates provides their affiliates with 24 hr. cookie. If a visitor clicks an affiliate link, a cookie is stored in that visitor’s device, if he/she decides to buy anything within that period, Amazon will pay commission, however, if the visitor return after 24 hrs., the cookie doesn’t work, it expires .

No commission on certain products

The program pays commission to at least 90% on all its products sold by affiliates, but there are certain items which they don’t pay any commission. It’s then up to you to identify such products and avoid them

Final thought

I have alluded supra that Amazon is the best affiliate network online, especially for newbie internet marketers, who aspire to build online business.

The network has created full time income to some of its affiliates. Therefore if you’re  a newbie want to start internet marketing business, I recommend you develop a site and promote Amazon products

However, I need to warn you, to generate income online is no easy task, you need passion, commitment, dedication, and learn how things work online.








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