Learn Why You Don’t Have Time To Start Your Own Business





The following are common excuses from many people, why they can’t do anything;

  • I don’t have time for physical exercise
  • I don’t have time to wash my car
  • I don’t have time to plant flowers in my garden
  • I don’t have time to do further studies
  • I have a 9 to 7 job, I’m busy, don’t have time
  • I have kids, there’s no time for anything
  • Etc, etc

The only reason they can’t do anything, is that they don’t have time to do it. Let me tell you something, people are lazy by nature. I mean all of us seek pleasure and avoid pain. Anything that forces us to endure pain, is completely avoided or ignored.

Anything that require us to work hard or put some effort, is considered  painful. It doesn’t matter whether, it is physical, emotional, financial, economical, psychological, spiritual etc., as long as it has a probability of exerting any kind of pain.

Yes, all of us have own daily activities , family responsibilities, work commitment, hanging out with friends, etc. Indeed we don’t have time available for any additional commitment.

Life comes with it’s own challenges

As long as you live, you’ll always come across financial or economic challenges. Financial resources at our disposal are scarce. Your day job is unable to meet your financial commitments. Your family/ personal financial responsibilities are increasing day by day. You need to find additional income to cater for them. If you plan to increase your current income, you need to have enough time to do it. Time is one of our precious resource in  life. If you don’t use it productively, you won’t achieve anything

Make no mistake, people who have business online or offline, have committed their spare time to get started, failed of course, stood up and move forward. You can do it, there’s no skill required. You just need time to learn, research,  and apply what you learn and get going

When I grew up, I didn’t have time because I devoted all of it  to play, hang out with friends. I didn’t have time simply to take a shower, let alone time for school work.

My father used to force me to do  it at home. I refused to do it, because what I knew  was that school work ends during school time. After school, I must enjoy company friends and everything that goes with it. Look at me now. I spend  more time on my online business.   Not that I don’t have other activities, but I have just started with only 3 hrs. a days to build my online business.

How did I do it

When I started, I did not have time at all, but I had set aside only 3 hrs to do my online project. I simply did the following;

  • Saved 1 hr for relaxation
  • Saved 2 hrs from sleeping time
  • Saved 2 hrs from watching TV
  • Saved 2 hrs for late home arrival
  • Rushing home after work, 1 hr saved
  • Created a daily, weekly schedule, and stick on it
  • Etc

The list is endless, if you can take away certain number of hrs from your  12 hr routine activities, you will be shocked, to find that you have a whole 9 hrs free time. That’s where it becomes interesting, by just doing things differently

I have alluded above that life comes with different challenges, especially financial ones. You need to make time  to search for financial  opportunities. 

Final thought

The expression that, “I don’t have time to start online business, because I’m busy” can’t be sustained any longer. It can’t be used as excuse not to build business of your own. Life is full of financial challenges.

You need to utilize your precious resource to build lifelong sustainable online business. You can start it on par time, and see how far you can go, until you launch it on full time basis. There’s no rush. 










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