Learn Why Your Own Business Is A Must These Days






Let’s start by saying, everyone wants to build his/her own business. In this post I want to tell you why you should develop your own business.

In the past 20 years, starting your own business was just a dream. If you ask your friend, family member about how he/she felt about the idea. The quick answer was, “I’m not a business person or I don’t have start up capital”

Most people during that era were less concerned about starting businesses of their own. They relied heavily on full time employment. Their dreams were to get high quality education & training. After acquiring such training, they simply search for high paying employment

During this era, even if you’re highly trained/qualified, building your own business has become a reality than a dream.

Why your own business is a must have?

The world economy has hit by 2007 recession. Big companies had lost billion dollars in profit. Medium and small business completely collapsed. The idea of starting own business became a reality.

It was during that economic phenomenon that workers around the globe started realize that, depending on full time employment was not a way to go. They started to search for business rather than employment opportunities.

Benefits of starting your own business

It doesn’t matter whether you want build big, medium or small business. It doesn’t matter as well whether you want to start full-time or part time business. But building you own business comes with good benefits.

It helps to boost your self confidence. It helps to build trust in you. It also assist in personal development. It’s not an easy task, but it can be done. It only requires commitment, dedication, desire to win, most importantly an honest acceptance to FAIL.

Don’t feel bad about failing. By failing you learn to understand that working for yourself comes with challenges.

Big company owners had experienced failure in their journey to success. It’s not a bad idea. If you ask one any company CEO, about how many times he/she’ failed to promote a hot selling product. His/her answer will be. “I CAN’T REMEMBER HOW MANY TIMES”

What kind of business can you build?

I have a very simple and straight forward answer for you. Any business can become a successful business. Thanks to the establishment of the internet. There’re billion kinds of business here.

But I need to give you a brilliant tip. What’s your passion, or what’s your interest?. Your interest, something you like most, something you admire, dream about. Any thing that triggers your interest, your passion can becomes a profitable business.

You may not be aware that you have passion for something. Something you saw others doing in your family, school, neighborhood. Perhaps you have thought about selling soft/hot drinks/clothing/electronic gadgets/ cosmetics/ fashion/etc,etc

Your interest, passion or your talent becomes your business model

Final thought

Back to my statement. Learn Why Your Own Business is A Must These Days. It doesn’t matter whether it’s small, medium, full time or part time business, but it is indeed a must have these days

Jose Zorilla, a penniless refugee who arrived in America from Cuba,took up employment in a plastic factory for $165 per week.

Within a year and a half, he’d saved up $700, borrowed a further $1 300 and bough this own plastic molding machine to start his own business.

Eight years later, his enterprise was delivering $1 million worth of plastic toys





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