Learn Why Your Site Rank High Google But Get Less Traffic?


  I know you have worked very hard to optimize your site for Google rank, but you get less traffic. Learn below, why your site rank high on Google, but getting less traffic

  There may be variety of reasons;

Wrong or incorrect keywords

The first culprit may be that you’re using wrong/incorrect keywords to optimize your site or what you offer to your audience. Do you know what people are searching for. 

People don’t go online to search for everything. They’re searching for something. I’ will give a good example of what happens offline. Say for example, people are on holiday searching for a game reserve, and you’re advertising music video’s. Will they be interested, I don’t think so.

You first need to research what people looking for before you advertises market anything to them.


Your site is staffed with certain products. Your marketing effort must be focused on your product/offers. What are you offering to people. Are they looking for what you promise in your site. 

In short you must align your product with what people are looking for. If you’ re selling music video’s, you need to search and find music video enthusiasts.  Most importantly their locality, which state in US or Canada, and on which day of the week they search music product.

Your audience

Your audience are your potential customers. You need to thoroughly research your target audience. Your audience profile include, age, gender, location, time of the day or week they search for specific product (music video). 

There may be many factors which rank your site high on search engine, however, appearing in high position will not automatically give rise to more traffic. You may still get less traffic than expected. It is because of the simple reason, visitors are searching for something different from what your site is offering

Is it a bad idea to get less traffic to your site? 

From my own online experience huge traffic may be a bad traffic, I mean a lot of traffic, say 1000 visitors, but all simply leave without spending seconds on your site (high bounce rate)

I’ have alluded in some of my posts in this site that getting huge traffic doesn’t give rise to a sale. Because the traffic is of poor quality in comparison to what is in your site. People are not interested to what you’re promoting. Therefore don’t feel bad about it. 

In short don’t search for quantity but search for quality. Your site may be receiving 8-10 visitors per day. But only to find that 1 or 2 people buy something form it.  If you then compare your site receiving 10 visitors to a site that receives 1000 visitors per day, but they purchase nothing from it. Which one will you go for.

Final thought

All sellers want to appear before huge audience, but the challenge they face, is whether that huge audience are their potential buyers. In other words, are they looking for what they’ re selling.

It is not a bad idea for any site to rank high on search engine. It’s a dream for every site owner. But simply  appearing before large audience will not automatically give rise to huge purchases. It is on these basis why your site rank high on Google but get less traffic





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