Learn Why Your Skills Can Make You Wealthy







I want to touch on a very important topic, which is personal and completely ignored. Your skills, Why it’s important or relevant. The answer is simple. If you want to succeed in any project, you need to display what you know best. The following  are some of the knowledge we have acquired during our work life;

  • Welding
  • Bricklaying
  • Carpenter
  • Mechanical, mechanical, chemical engineer
  • Barrister/lawyer
  • Boiler maker
  • Catering
  • Psychologists
  • social worker
  • Etc, etc

The majority of my followers online possess one or more of the above skills. And some of them have received an extensive training thereof. Others had trained a lot of people during their career.

The sad part is that, when they land here online, they simply leave such knowledge behind, i.e. forgetting what they’re good at. My concern is, why do you leave behind, what you know best. Yes, some career/profession have Hippocratic oath.   Put it the other way professional code to follow.

When entering the online world, they  want to learn new things or their offline skills/career is boring or doesn’t excite them any more

Why it’s important to sure case your skills online

You search the net to acquire better opportunities, of which one of them is to make money fast. You then battle to find a suitable a niche. My take is that your skills/career that you acquired offline is your niche. What else are you looking for. You have the foundation

I was overwhelmed when someone told me about affiliate marketing and money making dreams. I joined Commission Junction, picked up products and started selling. What I did not know was to choose a NICHE. unfortunately, I did not know what was it all about. Remember I had an offline skill. I was a senior manager in public organization and   had mountain of skills in public management.

But when I arrived here. I started to learn new things (affiliate marketing). I rushed to market electronic gadgets, i.e cellphones, TV’s etc. The skill I don’t have was product marketing.

It later dawn to me that since I was senior public manager, I have skills to manage people and resources. why not focus on training people. Training people to build online business. Not selling electronic gadgets. I searched the net for affiliate/internet marketing training sites. I finally find Wealthy Affiliate.

You can see on my site, every aspect revolves around training people how to do affiliate marketing. Making money online is not part of my business model (niche) It doesn’t work for me

If you’re simple brick layer. Tell us about something you know very well. It may be how to mix concrete to build long lasting house, building bridge, or even highway for that matter.

Or you’re a pharmacists, tell us about the pharmaceutical products. Just type pharmaceutical product affiliate marketing. Visit pharmaceutical website. Search for their affiliate program, join and market their products. You have mountain of skills in that industry, you can tell what works and what doesn’t work

One may contend that it’s not lucrative, i.e. they don’t have lucrative commission payment or it’s not a hot sell. Please don’t be moved by so called (hot sell). Over time it will. Remember, you’re an expert in pharmaceutical industry, why marketing  something you don’t have detail information about.

Final thought

In a nutshell you need to learn how to apply your offline skills to become wealthy. If you posses specific skills, others don’t have, chances are great that to make money out of it. So, follow your calling (skills), bring it online and make a living







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